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Kayak Storage Storage


There is so much beautiful water to explore in MN and WI. What better way to navigate these waters than with a kayak! A kayak helps you maneuver through all types of water and allows you to reach those hard to get to areas on the water that larger boats just can’t get to. For those individuals that love to spend their free time in a kayak on the water, keeping your kayak in the best shape possible should be a priority. The unfortunate news is that many kayak owners in the MN and WI area don’t store their kayak properly when it’s not in use. That is where a partnership with Log Kayak Rack can come in handy. Let our trusted team provide you with reliable kayak storage racks designed to keep your kayak secure and safe when it’s not being used.

Durability to the Core

When designing our kayak storage racks, we wanted to make sure that the material used could hold up against the tough weather in MN, WI and anywhere else across the country. That’s why we chose Northern White Cedar, which is the most weather resistant wood available. At Log Kayak Rack, we feel that there is not a more durable kayak storage rack on the market than ours. Each storage rack is handmade and attention to detail is why our products express durability to the core!

Kayak Storage Rack Perks

Durability isn’t the only reason to purchase a kayak storage rack from Log Kayak Rack. Our storage systems keep your kayaks high, dry and away from the ground. They also organize your kayaks well for those that have multiple kayaks. You won’t have to worry about any creepy crawlers turning your kayak into a home or your kayak getting dinged up as it lays on the ground near the water when it’s not in use. Whether you are looking for an indoor or outdoor kayak storage rack, we’ve got you covered! To top it off, these storage racks are not an eyesore like so many of our competitors. Instead, our kayak storage racks are attractive and bring an appealing look to your property!

Custom Options

At Log Kayak Rack, we take pride in offering our customers a wide range of kayak storage options. If our standard racks don’t fit your needs, it’s no problem! We offer custom built kayak storage racks as well. Just let us know what you are looking for and we’ll handle the rest!

If you spend your free time out on the waters of MN & WI with your kayak, it’s important to keep your kayak in the best shape possible. If you are looking for storage that is durable, customizable and weather resistant, our team at Log Kayak Rack has exactly what you need. To learn more about our kayak storage racks, give us a call today at 1(715) 543-2006 or email