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Kayak Destination: Palmetto, Florida


There’s no shortage of adventure waiting for you on the water near Palmetto, Florida. This charming old Florida town is filled with charisma, quiet charm, and natural splendor. Practically surrounded by water on all sides, there are so many splendid options for kayakers of all skill levels to get out and enjoy the beautiful Florida waters near Palmetto. From thrilling to tranquil, freshwater to saltwater, mangrove forest to dolphins, Palmetto has it all.

Where to Kayak Near Palmetto

The Palmetto area has a wealth of beautiful parks, rivers, wetlands and bays providing near limitless options when it comes to kayaking adventures. Choose to go on a solo trip, or go with a group, as you explore the winding waterways near Palmetto. Here are just a few kayaking trip destinations for you to explore.

Terra Ceia Preserve State Park

Terra Ceia Preserve State Park offers 2,000 acres of mangrove forests, freshwater and saltwater wetlands, uplands communities and many winding waterways. The preserve is in the process of being restored from agricultural land back to its natural and ecologically diverse condition. The many waterways wind through thick mangrove forests, many of which form tunnels with their outstretched limbs for you to kayak under. Keep an eye out for little blue herons, white ibis and even bald eagles.

Frog Creek

Frog Creek is a lesser-known kayaking trail that offers a picturesque view of old Florida. It is a freshwater stream surrounded by cypress and palmetto trees and thick grass, that pours into mangrove jungles, before heading into Terra Ceia Bay and finally the Gulf of Mexico. Upstream the vegetation changes and the ground level rises as Frog Creek transforms from saltwater to freshwater and you paddle into a swamp like inland rivers with low hanging cypress tree branches casting magnificent shadows. It is one of the most peaceful places for paddling near Palmetto, but the changing currents also make it a challenging one.

Manatee River

The Manatee River flows for 46 miles through Manatee County to Tampa Bay, just north of Palmetto offering serene paddling for kayak or canoe. The tea-colored river is mostly wooded along the paddling trail. It can be shallow depending on tides and flow from the Manatee Dam, exposing sandbars for excellent picnicking stop. But listen for the warning siren indicating that water is being released from the dam. Wildlife sightings could include alligators, turtles, herons, ibis, bald eagles and other birds, along with fish.

Bishop Harbor Blueway Trail

The Bishop Harbor Blue Way Trial is a 3-mile marked kayaking route that loops the shore of Bishop Harbor. There’s a launch site right on Bishop Harbor Road. The trail connects to the Manatee County Terra Ceia paddling trail, which is a 75-mile network of connected paddling trails in the Terra Ceia Preserve, Tampa Bay and nearby Gulf waters.

Palmetto Kayak Storage

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