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Custom Kayak Rack


When people think of getting something customized, they often feel like that’s “too fancy” or it will be too expensive. It’s almost as if people think it’s too much to handle or perhaps it’s not necessary. Guys, it’s not like we are monogramming here. When you customize your kayak rack, you are doing it for a functional purpose. It is something that you functionally need in order to keep your kayaks, SUPs, canoes, or what have you, safe. At Log Kayak Rack, we are all about making your kayak rack just right for you. This is why we offer affordable custom kayak racks to all of our fellow water lovers out there!

Made in the USA

Sure, it’s easy to manufacture things out of the country and ship it here to make more of a profit. However, that’s not what Log Kayak Rack is all about. All of our racks are constructed right here in the USA. A major benefit to having an American made product means that we have more resources right here to customize your rack and get it to you quickly. Custom design storage systems have never been easier than right here in the US.

Quality Over Everything

No matter how you decide to customize your Log Kayak Rack, we always deliver quality products. Every rack we make is done using Northern White Cedar logs. We chose this because of its extreme durability, its weather resistant properties, and it’s a great wood to structurally build with. It can last many, many years with little or no upkeep.

Customizing Your Kayak Rack

This is our favorite part! We absolutely love kayaks and stand up paddleboards and everything in between! We recognize that if you have one type of water “toy,” it’s likely that you have another. Whatever your assortment may be, we can customize your kayak rack to fit your exact need. Perhaps you’ve got two wake boards, a canoe, a kayak, and a raft. Guess what? We can make it work! What about 7 kayaks and an extra-long canoe? We’ve got you there too! There are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your kayak rack. Each rack can be placed inside or out. You can choose to leave it unfinished or finished in a light or dark coat. If you have a particular idea in mind, just let us know! Draw up a sketch or send us a list of your wants and we will send you a quote on pricing and give you a fair estimate on time. Truly, all you have to do is ask.

For more information about your custom kayak rack made in the USA, give Log Kayak Rack a call today. Give us a call at 1(715) 543-2006 or send us an email at