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Kayak Destinations

Best Kayaking Destinations: Lake Tahoe

Tucked into the snowy Sierra Nevada mountain range between California and Nevada, Lake Tahoe welcomes travelers of all kinds but is especially appealing to athletes and adventurers with its easygoing, pine-scented atmosphere. Lake Tahoe is a large freshwater lake, the

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Kayaking in Cold Weather

Why would anyone want to kayak in colder weather?! For the hardy folks, fall or winter kayaking can lead to incredible views, less crowded areas, and an experience like no other. If you’re not afraid to paddle in minus a

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Top Kayak Destinations in the USA

With summer approaching, many avid kayakers are looking for their next kayak destination. In the United States, there are incredible kayak destinations for any skill level. Below is the Log Kayak Rack’s roundup the top kayak destinations in the USA.

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