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Kayaking Destinations Near Clinton Township

Michigan's Lake St Clair

Clinton Township is a northern suburb of Detroit, Michigan. The Clinton River runs right through its heart, connecting it to Lake St. Clair and putting it smack dap in the center of some of the best kayaking in eastern Michigan.

Best Places to Kayak near Clinton, Michigan

There are a lot of major waterways and parks surrounding the Township of Clinton. Here are a few suggestions for where to get your paddle on if you find yourself in the suburban area north of Detroit.

Clinton River

Let’s start with the Clinton River. Not only does it run right through the center of Clinton Township, but it also happens to be the state’s most populated watershed and a big draw for kayakers and canoers. A large portion of the Clinton River was recently named a state-designated water trail. The river offers a thrilling paddle for more experienced kayakers with a nearly 200-foot drop in elevation over an eight mile stretch from downtown Rochester to downtown Utica. However, near Budd Park in Clinton Township, the river offers a leisurely current great for family paddles. You’ll also enjoy the pristine natural habitat along the river’s banks.

Lake St Clair

This large freshwater lake lies between Ontario and Michigan and offers many options for kayaking. At 430 sq miles it is considerably smaller than the Great Lakes, but you may still want to consider a sea kayak. The Anchor Bay area on the northern coast of the lake offers calmer waters with less motorboat traffic. Lake St. Clair Metropark offers a stunning beach and areas to explore like the Point Rosa Marsh and Black Creek Marsh. There’s also the Nautical Mile with sights of the historic estates of the Grosse Pointe communities.

Salt River Marsh

The Salt River Marsh offers a leisurely paddle along wooded wetland islands in Chesterfield Township. The trail brings you close to rare marshland habitats as you wind along, turn after turn, through the calm, serene water. The diverse ecosystem is home to waterfowl, fish, amphibians and small mammals. It is an awe-inspiring trip for paddlers and nature-lovers of all skill levels. 

The Flats

The St. Clair River Delta, locally knows as The Flats, is the largest freshwater delta in the world. You can kayak here for a few hours or the entire day and never get bord exploring these 25,000 acres of shallow waters. Enjoy spotting wildlife close to the shore or venture out to the South Channel Lights for a picnic. Just be on the lookout for motorized boat traffic.

Stony Creek Metropark

Northeast of Clinton Township in Shelby Township, you’ll find Stony Creek Metropark. More than a park, it’s a scenic 4,435-acre outdoor wonderland with a gorgeous 500-acre lake at its heart. Lush woodlands, wetlands, tallgrass prairies and expansive fields surround the serene lake, making it a wonderful place to spend a day on the water and a top destination for kayakers in the Clinton Township area.

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