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Kayaking Waukesha County’s Lake Country

Oconomowoc River Kayaking Trail

With over 140 lakes in Wisconsin’s Waukesha County, it’s no surprise that the area is often referred to as Lake Country. There are big lakes, little lakes and even a bunch of rivers connecting many of the lakes, making the area a prime destination for kayaking and canoeing.

Best Kayaking Destinations in Lake Country Wisconsin

With no shortage of lakes, there’s much outdoor fun to be had in Lake Country. The only problem you’ll have is picking a lake or river to explore. Here we’ve outlined a few of the most popular kayaking destinations in the area. But this list is far from complete. You can find more information on the many lakes of Lake Country on the Lake Country Family Fun website.

Oconomowoc River

Oconomowoc, WI

The Oconomowoc River links more than a dozen lakes in Waukesha County. It begins on the western outskirts of Milwaukee and flows southwest before meeting up with the Rock River. The small river offers an unusually clear and scenic paddle with for a suburban river. The 5.9 miles from Monches to West Shore Drive is highly rated trail and offers sights including the Ice Age Trail bridge, boulder gardens, a march, remains of an old dam, a narrow twisty channel, rapids and undeveloped shores.

Bark River

Delafield, WI

The Bark River flows through Waukesha County, weaving its way through several of the kettle lakes before heading to Jefferson County where it too joins the Rock River. Bark River also offers exceptionally clear water and a surprising diverse array of landscapes with few houses for a suburban river thanks to many nearby parks and protected shorelines. Enjoy marshy cattail corridors, views of rocky substrate and a remote “up-north” feel. The river has a fair current with several light riffles to keep you moving.   

Pewaukee River

Pewaukee, WI

The Pewaukee River offers another wonderful paddle with a mix of town, marsh and woodland views, if you catch it when the water levels are right. The river tends to run shallow, so this could be a good destination for an early spring kayaking trip. You’ll pass stone bridges, thickly wooded sections with large looming trees, glacial erratics, small boulder gardens and urban landscaping near I-94 on this extremely scenic paddle. In highwater you can even find Class II rapids.

Fox River

Waukesha, WI

The Fox River is a 202 mile-long river flowing from Waukesha County to Illinois. It offers a scenic and peaceful paddle through the heart of Lake Country. The river can run narrow offering enjoyable twists and turns with a deeply forested area downstream of Waukesha that sometimes creates of full overhead canopy of trees.

Fowler Lake

Oconomowoc, WI

If you are looking for a leisurely paddle, Fowler Lake is the perfect Lake Country destination. At 0.4 miles, it is a nice, not too big lake to paddle around and it is well protected from the wind. The Oconomowoc lake is stunningly clear with attractive lake plants and fish you can easily spot in the sparkling waters. While the lakeshore is developed, the charming downtown buildings of Oconomowoc are tidy and peaceful.

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