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4 Slot Kayak Rack


It is the time of year where your kayak spends more time in storage than on the water. This is not welcome news for many who love to spend their days on the water, but a definite reality given the cold temperatures of winter. Log Kayak Rack designs and builds all types of kayak storage systems that are perfect for protecting your boat when it is being stored this winter. Our 4 slot Kayak Rack can hold up to 4 kayaks or canoes, plus an additional 4 stand up paddle boards. This durable storage system is freestanding and is very easy to put together and maintain.

Benefits Of Log Kayak Rack Storage

Log Kayak Rack’s storage systems are all handcrafted and made in the USA from beautiful Northern White Cedar logs, which means that they are weather resistant and can be kept indoors or outdoors, depending on your unique needs. These 4 storage kayak racks have plenty of room for your kayaks as well as your other gear (paddles, life jackets and your other gear) so that you can keep everything safe and dry in one place. In addition, using these racks keep your boats high and dry, preventing potential damage and extending the life and even improving the performance of your kayak. This storage system also organizes and displays your kayaks so that they are ready to use just as soon as spring arrives.

Log Kayak Rack’s storage systems are unique in that they can be stained to match your home, trim, a dock or gate, or can be left unfinished if you prefer. These kayak racks can also accommodate even the heaviest kayaks — even up to 100lbs. Assembly of these storage racks is easy and you can even follow video our team has posted online.

Standard Size And Custom Kayak Storage Systems

In addition to our 4 slot kayak storage rack, Log Kayak Rack also designs and builds other sizes of storage systems including:

2 Slot Kayak Racks
4 Kayak + 4 SUP Racks
6 Slot Kayak Racks
Custom Kayak Racks designed especially for you

Each of our storage racks is handmade, strong and durable for optimal function and versatility. Maximize your time out on the water this year and protect your kayaks when they are not in use with a storage system from Log Kayak Rack. For more information about our storage systems, call our team today at 715-543-2006.