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2 Person Kayak Rack


Kayaking is one of those hobbies that’s more than just a hobby. When you’re an avid kayaker, you live for the next opportunity to get out on the water – and you probably hate the moment you have to head back to shore. Between leaving the beauties of the water behind and putting your boating equipment away properly, the joy of being out on the water can seem distant once you’ve finally washed your kayak and gotten it safely put away. But what if putting your boat away wasn’t such a chore? What if you could easily store your kayak and get it back out again quickly, without any hassle? At Log Kayak Rack, our mission is to make boating less of a chore so that you can enjoy kayaking as much as you should. With our USA made two-person kayak racks, you can do just that.

In-Ground, Free-Standing, Wall-Mounted and Dock-Mounted Kayak Racks

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Log Kayak Rack to supply your kayak rack is that you have options. And we don’t just mean “blue or black?” We mean you get to choose the design of your kayak rack, from the shape and size to whether it’s mounted or free-standing in your home or outside. All of these options are possible! Two-person kayak racks are easy to customize because they can fit just about anywhere. We build free-standing indoor and outdoor kayak racks, wall-mounted and dock-mounted racks, and in-ground kayak racks that are more permanent fixtures on your property. Whatever you choose, you’ll see that there are more than enough choices, with every type of rack you might want available to you.

Kayak Rack Finish Options

Everyone likes to be able to get exactly the product they want; no one likes to settle on the color or shape or size just because it’s what’s available. At Log Kayak Rack, we’re all about enjoying the natural look of wood, and that’s why our kayak racks are made from high-quality Northern White Cedar. Our finish options for kayak racks include:

Unfinished Cedar – If you prefer the natural look of wood, you can choose an unfinished rack. Keep in mind that the color will change over time as the wood is exposed to the elements, but the wood itself will last a good 25 years.
SuperDeck Natural – One coat: Brings out the grains and neutral color of the wood but also adds moisture and UV protection that unfinished wood does not have, allowing the rack’s wood to stay solid for longer.
SuperDeck Canyon Brown – One coat: Offers moisture and UV protection for longer-lasting wood, just like the natural finish, but this is a darker brown that may suit your tastes more than a lighter wood color.
Custom Wood Kayak Rack

If you’re looking for a custom two-person kayak rack for your home or property, look no further than Log Kayak Rack. Our USA made kayak racks are perfect for indoor and outdoor use, and you have the opportunity to choose from a wide selection of rack styles until you find the right fit for you. Call us at (715) 543-2006, or email to learn more about our racks.