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Why We Use Northern White Cedar For Our Kayak Racks


We only use the best material to build our racks. We want your custom kayak rack to last a very long time with minimal maintenance, and that’s just two of the reasons why we trust USA northern white cedar for our racks.

We’re not the only ones who trust this material. Builders trust white cedar for many outdoor projects and structures like fencing, outdoor log furniture, and raised garden beds because this type of wood can handle extreme temperatures and humidity.  Cedar logs are also among the most trusted material to build cabins.

Learn more about the northern white cedar difference, and how investing in a durable, wood kayak rack is a great investment for your custom kayak storage needs.

The Northern White Cedar Difference

According to Wood Magazine, “Northern White Cedar was traditionally destined for posts, utility poles, shingles, siding, and boats, northern white cedar’s lightness and durability make it ideal for outdoor furniture, too. The wood is still a favorite for strip canoes. And because it holds paint and stain well, it’s used for decks and fencing.”

Northern white cedar lumber is a top choice for outdoor projects because they have high durability and the material can handle any climate. Other types of wood don’t hold up as well as the northern white cedar species.

Wood Means Strong Kayak Racks

There are different options when it come to kayak racks, but which one is the best and will last a long time?

Metal Kayak Racks
Metal or steel kayak racks just don’t last as long as wooden ones! After a few years, it can begin to rust or corrode and weaken.  When this happens, you’ll need to perform major maintenance or buy a new one.

Metal or steel kayak rack may be more inexpensive up front; however, if you have to replace it every few years, then it’s not worth your investment.

PVC Kayak Rack
PVC kayak storage racks are easy to build and are less expensive than wood. However, PVC racks can become damaged by direct sunlight or other environmental stresses and can be less stable than wood.

Another reason many avid kayakers don’t use PVC is because of the aesthetic value. A PVC structure next to your beautiful cabin or home doesn’t always give off the cohesive look homeowners want.

Custom Kayak Racks

By using northern white cedar, we can offer custom kayak racks to fit every watersports fanatic’s situation. We’re not boxed into a manufacturer’s design and can adjust the frame to suit your needs.

Investing in Your Kayak Rack

Buy a kayak rack made from Northern White Cedar, and you’re investing in something that will help you store your kayak more efficiently and for much longer.

For specific questions, inquiries or custom orders contact Log Kayak Rack at 1-715-543-2006.