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How Your Custom Kayak Rack Saves You Time and Money


Buying a custom kayak rack is an investment that’s well worth the money. Not only are you investing in a smart storage solution, but you might also be surprised to find your kayak saves you time and money!

Your custom kayak rack is designed for you and your busy life with the goal of protecting your kayak while helping you enjoy your favorite hobby. Learn more about how your kayak rack saves you big time.

Saves You Time

At the beginning of kayak season, how long does it take you to prep your kayak? When you’re ready to hit the water, do you have to hoist your kayak out of the garage or out from under the tarp? These are just a few ways your kayak rack saves you time by creating the perfect storage solution.

Less Annual Maintenance

If you store your kayak along the wall in your garage or on the ground covered in a tarp outside, you probably usually have to spend a few hours cleaning and prepping your kayak in the spring to use. If your kayak was resting in its custom rack, it doesn’t require much maintenance except a quick wash out.

Creates a Simple Routine

Have you ever had to dig your kayak out of the garage? Move cars out, shuffle boxes and other clutter out of the way? It’s part of your routine, however, with a kayak rack, your kayak is sitting nicely in its rack and ready for use. Cut down on your prep time and get to the water faster!

Saves You Money

Similar to any other vehicles or boats you own, the better you store and maintain your possessions the longer they last and the less updating they need. Overall, properly storing your kayak will decrease the change of damage or requiring a replacement and increase the longevity of your favorite summer recreation item!

Keep Your Kayak Off the Ground

If you use your kayak frequently during the warm months, you might just lay your kayak on the ground near your home or cabin. The kayak can put on the ground for short periods between kayak trips; however, it’s not the best idea for your kayak to spend lots of time on the ground for several reasons. Laying your kayak on the flat ground hull side up may eventually cause damage to stern and other parts of the boat. Hull side down may create uneven pressure on the hull.

Keeps Kayaks from Falling and Causing Harm

Some folks try to store their kayaks by standing them up and leaning against a wall or corner. Unfortunately, though, kayaks can tip! A large kayak tipping over can cause damage to itself, other objects nearby, and possibly to your garage.

Interested in learning more about investing in a custom kayak rack? Send us a message, and we’d be happy to help!