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Why Kayaking is Great Exercise


Kayak enthusiasts know that this water sport provides a great workout for the entire body and mind. Not only does kayaking provide a great workout, but it gets you outdoors and spending time outside under the sun.

Many passionate fitness lovers are incorporating kayaking into their exercise routine for its benefits. While you may enjoy kayaking simply for the adventure and ability to experience life on the water, you’re still getting a great benefit.

Learn more about why kayaking is such a great workout, key health benefits, and some exercise moves you can start doing for a better kayak trip.

Why Kayaking is a Great Workout

According to Harvard Health Publishing, the average kayaker burns 186 calories per 30 minutes. That’s almost as much as when you perform a walk/jog during the same amount of time. It’s incredible that you can burn calories and tone your whole body while experiencing the outdoors.

Your entire body is engaged while you’re paddling along. Let’s explain! Kayaking is a low impact workout that’s great for someone who needs to go easy on their hips or knees. Your upper body and especially your shoulders experience a good workout while kayaking; however, your back, core, and legs all engage to maintain balance, direction, and speed.

3 Major Health Benefits of Kayaking

Kayaking is more than a workout; it improves your mental health and mood as well! Learn the three major health benefits of kayaking and feel motivated to hit the water.

1. Burning Calories
As pointed out above, moderate kayaking burns approximately 186 calories per 30 minutes. Paddling around the lake for an hour burns 400 calories with you hardly noticing.

2. Tone Overall Body
Your upper body definitely benefits the kayaking, but so does your entire body as you paddle across the water. You can do interval kayaking where you paddle as hard as you can for 10 minutes, then paddle moderately for 10 minutes for a great overall tone.

3. Improves Mental Health
Spending time outdoors is proven to be beneficial for your mental health. As you paddle outside, you’re getting Vitamin D as you breathe in the fresh air. Spending time in nature is great for feeling peaceful.

Exercise Moves for a Better Kayak

You can add these exercises to your current workout to strengthen your shoulders, core, and back for kayaking. Before your workout, start with some loose stretching to warm up your muscles. After you wind down, stretch out as your muscles start cooling down.

Kayak Exercises:

  • Shoulder Shrugs
  • Lateral Raise
  • Dumbbell Fly
  • Crunches
  • Planking

Before you hit the water kayaking, make sure to spend a few minutes stretching out your body, especially your shoulders, arms, and back so that you’re warmed up and ready to paddle across the water!

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