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Kayak Racks Are the Solution for High Traffic Properties


Many people look forward to enjoying time on the water during a nice day or on their vacation. There’s no better feeling than paddling peacefully on a lake or river and experiencing the tranquility of floating on the water.

Daily kayak rentals are becoming extremely popular and if you own a cabin or vacation rental near water, chances are your guests are interested in kayaking.  It’s important to keep your kayaks safely stored when they’re not being used and making them easily accessible to your guests.

Kayaking is a fun water activity for all abilities, and you want your customers to be able to get out there and enjoy themselves. Proper Kayak and canoe rack storage helps them do just that.

Invest in Custom Kayak Racks

Whether you own a small watersports rental company or operate a resort, a custom kayak rack can help you properly store your equipment to save money and time.

Kayak Rentals  

If you offer hourly kayak rentals, each kayak can be used by multiple people in a day! That can be quite the beating on your equipment. Storing your kayak on a custom kayak rack in between uses can help your kayak dry out and stay protected.

Offer a combination of kayak, paddleboard, or even canoe rentals? One custom storage solution can help you maintain all your equipment in one place.

Vacation Rental Property

If your vacation rental property is on or near a gorgeous lake or river, people might travel from all over to visit. If you invest in an incredible property in an area like this, invest in a custom kayak rack to store your waterboard inventory for guests.

Having a custom storage solution helps guests quickly access the equipment they want and also helps them store the items correctly after using them. You’d hate to find that your guests just left your kayak on the ground, exposed to the elements.

Cabin or Vacation Homes

Owning a cabin or vacation home is a dream for many hardworking people! Even if you frequently visit your second home, there are likely spans of time between visits. Having a custom kayak rack will ensure your kayak is safe and protected while you’re away.


Resorts offering all kinds of amenities like kayak and paddleboard rentals can benefit from a custom-built kayak rack! Certain custom kayak racks can store a combination of kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards.

A rack made of 100% northern white cedar will last for many years and help keep maintenance and storage a breeze.

High Traffic Means Better Storage

High traffic means that many kayak lovers are enjoying that incredible feeling of floating on water and experiencing the natural beauty around them. Whether you own a kayak rental company, vacation rental, or even a resort, you want your customers to be able to get out on the water faster and not worry about storage in between.

You invest in your home or rental, so invest in a custom kayak rack that will protect your equipment for years to come.

Interested in learning more about investing in a custom kayak rack? Send us a message, and we’d be happy to help!