Wooden Canoe Stands

Wooden Canoe StandsCanoes have been around for thousands of years. In fact, the oldest known canoe dates back somewhere around 7600 BC. Canoes are relatively lightweight, have points at both ends and are propelled by the passengers willing to roll up their sleeves and paddle. Canoes are a fantastic, timeless vessel that have many different uses. From fishing to day dreaming out on the lake, canoes are multi-functional and easy to use. So if you own or love canoes, it’s important to cherish and take care of this prized possession. Keeping a canoe safe and dry during storage is one of the best ways to improve the longevity of your beloved canoe. At Log Kayak Rack, we offer beautifully constructed wooden canoe stands. If you own a canoe, you no doubt should own a Log Kayak Rack stand.

Importance of Canoe Storage

While canoes are considered lightweight, it’s no easy task to lug a canoe back and forth from a garage, car, or even out of the water. Not only is it a heavy and arduous task, you obviously will risk damaging your canoe. Then when it comes to storage, you definitely don’t want to leave your canoe lying on the ground outside or even in the water. Breakdown, mold, cracks, and bug infestations are the first things that should come to mind, but certainly aren’t the last of your worries. This is why Log Kayak Rack’s wooden canoe stands are so crucial. No more dragging your canoe through the grass and mud. No more storing your canoe in the garage and realizing it’s a habitat for mice. Proper maintenance and care of your canoe begins with proper storage.

Wooden Canoe Stands Wooden Canoe Stands

Log Kayak Rack’s wooden canoe stands are perfectly designed to fit all of your canoe needs. Made out of quality Northern White Cedar logs, we offer two, four, and six place canoe racks. Our racks are designed to keep your canoes off of the ground and less susceptible to damages that frequently occur with improper storage. Looking for something a little different and more specialized to fit your needs? Log Kayak Rack can customize a wooden canoe stand that tailors to exactly what you want and need.

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