Winter Canoe Storage Systems

Winter Canoe StorageCold weather is inevitable and, unfortunately, your time on the water is drastically diminishing when the temperatures plunge. The question that gets asked each year around this time is how best to store your canoes and other small boats while they are not in use. Whether you own one canoe or are a resort owner and need to store 8 or more, Log Kayak Rack can provide handcrafted canoe storage rack solutions to meet all of your needs. Each of our storage racks is made from the highest quality Northern White Cedar logs and is handcrafted by our team to fit your specifications perfectly.

Wide Variety Of Canoe Storage Systems

You want to keep your canoe(s) safe and protected when they are not in the water, so that when you are ready for another water adventure, your canoe will be ready. Leaving it on the ground or stored somewhere near water can damage your boat and can cause the shape of the canoe to be compromised, leaving it in need of repairs before you can be back in the water again. Avoid that hassle and store your canoe(s) in one of our storage systems which can be placed indoors or outdoors, is durable, attractive, keeps boats high and dry and keeps the look and shape of your boat(s) intact. Our storage systems can be finished in many different ways, are easy to assemble and are made in the USA.

  • 6 Place Canoe Storage Rack: These storage racks are often purchased for lake homes, a family home or cabin where you have enough canoes for an entire group or family.
  • 4 Place Canoe Storage Rack: This is one of our most popular models, it has an extremely attractive look and is ideal for those with a passion for boating and have 3-4 canoes.
  • 2 Place Canoe Rack: There are three different versions of this customer favorite. You can choose between a wall mounted dual canoe storage rack, a one sided – double stacked dual canoe rack or a low, back to back rack.
  • Custom Canoe Storage Rack: If none of these canoe storage racks seem quite right for you, call the team at Log Kayak Rack and we can design a custom rack that will work just for you!

Makes sure that your canoes and kayaks are ready to be stored and protected this winter. Call Log Kayak Rack at 715-543-2006 for more information about our unique and functional storage racks!