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What to Look for in a Heavy-Duty Commercial Kayak or Canoe Rack


We’ve been building log homes and log furniture for over 30 years, putting that experience into the structural design of our kayak racks systems to create some of the most durable, heavy-duty log kayak racks for commercial, military, municipal and park use. If you are looking for a heavy-duty, high-quality canoe or kayak storage rack, we know where you shouldn’t compromise. Let us help you determine what features you should be looking for in a heavy-duty kayak or canoe rack.

Must Have Heavy-Duty Kayak Rack Features 

If you need a kayak rack for your city, park or military base that will withstand heavy use and the harshest weather conditions, look for a kayak rack offering the following key features.


A commercial kayak rack needs to be stronger than one for personal use as you may not always know who or what it will be used for. We use mortise and tenon joinery whenever possible because of its strength and durability. Then glue and screw all our joints are glued and screwed for an even stronger finished kayak rack giving our racks the ability to hold kayaks, canoes, SUPs and small boats weighing upwards of 100lbs.

Weather & Rot Resistance

If you are looking for a commercial kayak rack, you need one that is built to last. It needs to be weather and rot resistant so you can leave it outside no matter where you are located. We use only northern white cedar logs for our heavy-duty racks because they are naturally weather and rot resistant, making them ideal for outdoor storage.

Low Maintenance

Not only do you want a kayak rack that’s going to last, but you also want one that not’s going to require a lot of upkeep. You want something you can basically set and forget for years to come that will continue to provide a safe and secure storage all year round. Our heavy-duty free-standing kayak storage racks can stand up to the harshest winters, highest winds (we’re talking hurricanes), saltwater and pretty much anything else mother nature throws your way with minimum upkeep and maintenance required.

Accommodate Multiple Kayaks

Maybe you are looking for a commercial rack that can keep a whole bunch of boats neat and orderly for a military base, a youth summer camp or at your waterfront resort. Then you need one rack that can hold many boats. We offer durable kayak racks that can hold and organize up to 24 kayaks.

Accommodate Multiple Types of Boats

If you are looking for a commercial grade kayak rack to set up in your city or park by the waterfront for visitors to use, you may not know how many boats or what types of crafts your rack will be used for. So, it may be important that your rack is able to accommodate multiple boats and all different styles. We offer heavy-duty storage racks that are designed to hold any kind of small watercraft including kayaks, canoes, paddleboards, surfboards, rowboats and sunfish sailboats.


Although not as important as the functionality of a heavy-duty rack, you certainly don’t want an eye-sore mucking up the lake or river front views of your city, park or resort. Made of 100% northern white cedar logs, our heavy-duty commercial kayak and canoe racks will fit beautifully into the natural outdoor surroundings of your city, park or waterfront.

Where to Find Heavy-Duty Kayak Racks

You can find our heavy-duty kayak racks in states and national parks from Alaska to Florida. They can bring durability, appeal and security to commercial properties storing kayaks everywhere in the US and Canada. Shop our collection of commercial kayak storage racks online now to see if any of our popular heavy-duty models float your boat. If you have a different design in mind or a unique need that’s not met in our current styles, contact us online or give us a call at 1-715-543-2006 so we can discuss a custom kayak rack to meet your needs.