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What Size Kayak Rack is Right for Me?


Your kayaks, small boats and other watercraft need a safe place to call home when not in use. Proper storage helps protect your kayaks from wear and tear and organizes your outdoor space. However, how do you choose a kayak rack that’s the perfect fit?

What Watercraft Will You Be Storing and Where?

First and foremost, it’s important to consider what watercraft you’ll be storing. Do you own kayaks alone? Or, do you need to store kayaks and a small john boat? A log kayak rack can store:

  • Canoes
  • Stand up paddleboards
  • Rafts
  • Wakeboards
  • Surfboards
  • Small boats
  • Skis

And so much more. Understanding what you need to store will help you decide what size kayak rack will best hold it all. Our storage racks are built to withstand weights of 100 to 150 pounds, depending on the size.

You’ll also need to consider where your storage rack will be placed at your home or lodge. Will you want your rack to stand freely outside? Or, do you want to display your kayak by hanging it on a tree or wall? You can also choose a kayak rack that mounts to your dock. Where you wish to place your storage rack will directly impact the size.

Choose a Custom Kayak Rack Design to Fit Your Needs

For any configuration or size specifications, we create log kayak racks to fit. If you can’t seem to find a configuration that works, you can choose a custom kayak rack designed just for you. Often, depending on the number of watercraft, multiple storage racks work best.

Beyond customizing the size of your rack, we also offer different finishing options to fit the look and feel of your home, lodge or cabin. Log kayak racks are easy to assemble and will last for many years to come.

Need Help Deciding Which Kayak Rack is Best?

Do you still need help deciding which kayak rack will fit your storage needs the best? Want to order a custom kayak rack design? You can send us a message today for answers to all of your questions or to get started on that custom design.