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Welcome To Our Blog


Welcome to Log Kayak Rack’s blog page. This is where we will offer additional information about our Kayak/Canoe Racks, provide tips, share product reviews, recent custom created rack designs and address related topics. We would like to welcome you to comment with any questions, concerns, topic suggestions, or anything else associated that comes to mind.

Our Standard Wooden Kayak/Canoe Storage Rack Selection:

  • 8 Place Kayak/Canoe Rack
  • 6 Place Kayak/Canoe Rack
  • 4 Place Kayak/Canoe Rack
  • 2 Place Kayak/Canoe Rack
  • 2 Place Kayak/Canoe Rack – Wall Mount
  • 2 Place Kayak/Canoe Rack – Low

Versatile Storage Rack Solutions

Our durable and weatherproof storage racks aren’t just made for Kayaks and Canoes, they can hold a variety of boards, rafts and boats. No matter what your assortment is, we have a solution that can provide easy, clean and long lasting storage for your needs. Outside or in our product can endure for over 25 years because we choose the robust nature of Northern White Cedar for each and every kayak storage system we create.

Look for more blogs to come or contact us directly with any questions at 1-715-543-2006.