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Wall Mounted SUP Rack


Can you ever just own one Stand Up Paddle Board? Maybe at first… SUPs are like the common cold, they catch fast! And it is easy to see why, they are fun, challenging, great exercise, and get you out into nature. When it’s time to head back to shore is it sad to see your treasured board laying on the ground as you walk away? Do you leave with an uneasy feeling? Log Kayak Rack can change that. We offer a variety of SUP racks and our wall mounted SUP racks are fantastic if you are short on space or have the perfect place to display your board until you find yourself out on the water again.

Our Online Selection of Wall Mounted SUP Racks Includes

  • Two Place Wall Mounted SUP Rack
  • Three Place Wall Mounted SUP Rack
  • Four Place Wall Mounted SUP Rack

There is always the option of custom made storage racks.

Indoor/Outdoor Mountable SUP Storage Racks

Mount this SUP rack inside or outside and hold your board and paddles safely and conveniently off the ground. Our mountable SUP racks make it easy to reach for your board the next time you set out. Keep it by the shore, so you carry it around the least amount as possible or install our storage racks anywhere the dimensions allow.

Rustic Log SUP Storage Rack & Display

Our Rustic Log SUP Racks are made out of solid northern white cedar, which is known for its weather resistance – unlike SUPs, so be sure to protect your SUP from bad weather, UV rays and storms but don’t worry about the rack, it is a solidly constructed piece designed to hold up for years, even in the weather and look good doing it.

Dock Mounted SUP Racks

We’ve taken it a step further and added a selection of SUP storage racks designed to mount to your dock. Pretty much ultimate convenience when you have your own private property and dock. Currently, our Online selection of SUP Dock Mounted Storage Racks includes:

  • Two Place SUP Rack – Dock Mount
  • Three Place SUP Rack – Dock Mount

Order from our online selection of SUP Racks if our selection suits your fancy or contact our team of hardworking woodworkers and we can come up with a custom SUP rack design that will meet your requirements and ship it right to your door. Contact us by calling (715) 543-2006.