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Tips for Storing Your Kayak for the Winter


Fall is here and the brisk air is perfect for enjoying your kayak. But soon, in many places, the waters will freeze and kayaks will do better off protected from the elements, instead of in them. Log Kayak Rack wants to see your kayaks live to their full potential, which is why we craft hand-made log kayak racks for indoor and outdoor use. When winter comes, at least where we are from – in the Mid West – you take cover. Which includes covering your kayaks. For the best results when hibernating your beloved kayak take proper storage seriously. Properly storing your kayak can add years onto the time you get to enjoy it on the waters.

Protect & Extend the Condition of your Kayak

  • Clean Before Hibernation – At the end of the year, a little elbow grease will help you take a look at the condition of your kayak while you wash and dry it. This will clean off any of the earth still left on it and it prevents mold growth and other water damages from becoming a problem as your kayak is tucked away for months. Depending on what your kayak is made out of, you may want to wax it for a beautiful polished finish.
  • Off the Ground – Store your kayak on spaced supports that are up in the air. This will keep them from changing shape and help keep any rodents out looking for warmth and protection. Would you want to go in if you knew a mouse was? Our Log Kayak Racks are the perfect example of storage off the ground.
  • Seal the Cockpit – Nothing like a warm kayak cockpit to survive the winter in… if you don’t want this to be your kayak then be sure to seal it up. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a trick and no treat!
  • Defend Against the Weather – Sleet, snow, sun and so many other elements will wreak havoc on your kayak. What also adds years onto your kayak are damaging UV rays and below freezing temperatures. It is ultimately best to store your kayak indoors for the winter – whether it be your garage, basement, cabin or any empty space that has some temperature regulation and walls. If that is not at all possible be sure to cover your kayak.
  • Secure your Investment– Be sure the place you choose to store your kayak is safe. It is unfortunate that theft happens, but it is a reality. Prevent the possibility of your investment disappearing.

The Don’ts of Storing Your Kayak – The garage floor or any floor will wear down the structure of your kayak. Just say no, don’t lay it down there and never stand it up on one end. Avoid doing these things and your kayak will last longer, perform better and stay in good looking condition even as the years pass.

Protect and extend the condition of your kayak by properly storing it, we can help. Email  or call (715) 543-2006.