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The Unique Process of Building a Kayak Rack


If you’re a business or a homeowner with lakefront property, you probably take advantage of the water using kayaks or other gear. Because watercraft are prone to wear and tear, a kayak storage rack is a great solution to prevent it. Wooden kayak racks are built to be both beautiful and efficient outdoor storage solutions.

The Details Matter in a Kayak Rack Storage Solution

Creating a kayak rack is a unique process. Although log kayak racks can be built to fit your unique specifications, there are certain details that each rack comes standard with.

  • We build each rack by hand using Northern White Cedarwood, the best wood for weather resistance.
  • We then use glue, bolts and galvanized screws to ensure optimum strength.
  • For added strength, we use two-inch mortise-and-tenon joints where the arms meet the posts.

From here, we can leave the wood unfinished or we can stain it to ensure your new kayak rack matches the aesthetic of your lodge, cabin or home.

Each rack only weighs approximately 100-150 pounds depending on size, yet can hold the heaviest canoes, kayaks and small boats.

Beautifully Handcrafted and Easy to Assemble

Wooden kayak racks are built by hand by expertcraftsmen who takethe time to perfect each detail for beauty, strength anddurability. However, although handcrafted, each rack is easy to assemble after shipping. Racks come in four pieces and are easy to assemble with a simple 7/16 socket, ratchet and short extension, standard with all socket sets.

Need to bolt your kayak rack to a dock or anchor it to the ground? These kits can be purchased and are as easy to assemble as the rack itself. In no time, you can have a sturdy and beautiful storage solution to fit your watercraft storage needs.

Kayak Rack Storage Options Built to Last

Each kayak rack storage option—whether wall rack or freestanding rack—is built to last for years to come. Add in the simplicity of assembly and you have the perfect option for your storage needs. To learn more about our log kayak rack storage options or for help choosing the best rack for you, send us a message.