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The Top Five Kayak Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed


Kayaking and stand up paddle boarding are both great outdoor water sports that you can enjoy as a family. They are great for a workout, getting vitamin D, and having fun on the water. There are some accessories that can make your kayaking experience even better, and some of these kayak accessories can be used for SUP boarding as well.

Paddle Grips

Most paddles are made with some sort of grip, some being more comfortable than others. Whether you are touring or racing, there are grips that can meet your needs. They range from comfort plush grips with fun patterns to ergonomic grips made to equip racers. Comfort aside, grips can prolong the life of your paddle by easing some of the wear-and-tear on the actual paddle itself.

Sport Umbrella

You can spend hours out on the water and sometimes you just crave a break from the sun, but don’t want to go back to shore. There are umbrellas specifically made for kayaks that can be easily assembled right on the water. They are made to be able to hold up against the wind generated from you paddling. These also come in handy when quick rain showers pop up.

Sea Skirt

Kayaking doesn’t always take place in sunshine such as scheduled races or kayaking events that can’t be postponed. Originally created for kayaking in rough waters, a sea skirt attaches at your waste and then to the outside of the seating area keeping unwanted water from getting in. These are especially useful when kayaking in river rapids.


Even though there are waterproof bags and other ways to protect your phone while on the water, sometimes there are things that still prevent the use of your cell phone. Walkie-Talkies are a great tool while out on the water if you get separated and need to get in touch with each other.

Wind Sail Kit

Make your kayak or SUP board your own personal sailing vessel using a wind sail kit. They are easy to set up, even on the water and can be a lot of fun. Be sure to learn all of the basics, including controlling the speed of your kayak, before you hit the water with it. It can generate a lot of speed and being in control of your kayak is important for everyone’s safety.

Kayaking and SUP boarding are great outdoor activities for all ages. These accessories can make your boating experience even more rewarding and fun. Don’t forget your PFD and sunscreen!

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