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The Most Attractive Paddlers Storage Option


When it comes to protecting your boats from the elements, you have quite a few options. You can just simply throw your boats on the ground after using them and hope they stand the test of time or you can invest in a storage rack system that will help protect and extend the life of your kayaks, canoes or stand up paddle boards (SUPs). With so many different boat storage options on the market, at Log Kayak Rack we hope you’ll sit back and listen to some of the reasons why so many boat lovers are turning to our storage systems in droves. Recently featured in Cabin Life Magazine we think you’ll fall in love with our unique storage racks once you see their many benefits.

Our Log Storage Racks Make a Statement

Made from beautiful northern white cedar logs, our storage racks are not only functional, but they look great too. Our racks come either finished or unfinished, but either option you choose know that the cedar logs are naturally weather resistant. Having one of our racks on your dock, or just on the ground will give you and your fellow water lovers a place to store your boats after a long day out on the water.

Our Boat Storage Racks are Versatile

At Log Kayak Rack we understand that most boat lovers don’t have just one boat. They have kayaks, canoes, SUPs and much more that they need to store away from the water. With our wide variety of storage rack options we can easily meet the needs of our water loving friends. We can even custom design a storage system to meet your exact needs if necessary. Our standard rack systems include:

  • 2 slot canoe / kayak rackThese racks can either be freestanding or mounted to the wall or even a tree and can hold up to 2 boats or SUPs.
  • 4 slot canoe / kayak rack – These racks offer space for up to 4 kayaks, canoes or paddle boards of any size.
  • 4 kayak + 4 SUP rack – This rack allows you to store 4 kayaks or canoes as well as 4 SUPs. This rack is definitely for the water lover who has far too many toys.
  • 6 slot canoe / kayak rack This rack allows you to store up to 6 canoes, kayaks or SUPs all at once.

Ready to Upgrade Your Boat Storage a Bit?

Have your boats been neglected in the past? If so, Log Kayak Rack is happy to help you bring them back to life with our storage racks of all shapes and sizes. For more information about our boat storage systems, give us a call today at 715-543-2006.