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The Best Kayak Storage Rack for Winter


Winter is on the way and that means it’s time to think about storage for your summer gear. Boots, bikes, hiking bags, and other summer gear can be easily stored in closets, garages andsheds, but your kayaks require special storage to keep them in good condition through the winter months.

Our log kayak rack storage systems can help you get the most out of any storage space and preserve the longevity of your kayaks, so you can enjoy them year after year.

How to Store Your Kayaks for Winter

When planning your kayak storage, you’ll want to find a storage system that achieves two essential tasks:

  • Keep your kayak off the ground. The hull of your kayak should not be placed on hard surfaces for long periods of time. This kind of pressure on the hull will eventually warp the boat. To avoid this, invest in racks to keep your kayak off the ground. Then, make sure you lay your kayak on its side or with the cockpit facing down. With your boats up and out of the way, you have more space to store your other gear.
  • Store your kayak indoors. Snow and freezing temperatures can damage your kayak. When storing it for winter, find a place that is sheltered, warm and dry. If you must store your kayak outside, you’ll need to protect it from exposure and UV rays, which can weaken and discolor the material.

Log Kayak Rack Is Your Winter Storage Solution

Our log kayak racks are built using galvanized screws that won’t rust and durable Northern White Cedar, which is rated the most weather-resistant wood. We hand craft our racks to ensure quality and visual appeal. We also offer soft-rest UV webbing and safety straps. With a kayak storage system from Log Kayak Rack, your kayaks and other watercraft will be safe and secure in all kinds of weather and conditions, whether outdoors or indoors.

Want to Learn More About Log Kayak Rack Storage?

We offer many different sizing options and configurations to fit all your kayak storage needs, so you’ll be ready when winter arrives. To learn more about our products or to order, reach out to us by calling 715-543-2006 or contact us online today.