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Summer Kayak Maintenance 101


It’s summertime, the perfect time for a nice, relaxing paddle around your favorite spot. Kayaking is a great summer sport when the weather is warm and the water cool. But it’s important to know that well-used kayaks experience some wear and tear. Before you get out to enjoy the experiences that a kayak can deliver, a bit of seasonal maintenance is in order.

Bring That Kayak Out Into the Sun

If you are just now preparing for the kayaking season, you can start by bringing that kayak out of storage. If you are still storing your kayak in a garage or enclosed area, there are a few areas you will want to inspect before getting out on the water.

  • Check the hull: When a kayak is in enclosed storage for the long-term, the hull can become depressed. Check the hull for any depressions that might have warped your kayak. Then, setting it outside in the heat for a day can help get it back into shape.
  • Inspect the hardware: Bungee cords, plastic hardware and rudders can deteriorate under UV radiation. Inspect all your hardware and replace what needs replacing, prior to getting in the water.

If you wish to add any new hardware or accessories to your kayak, do it before your kayak hits the water for the first time. From then on out, it’ll just be you and the water.

Maintain Throughout the Kayak Season

During the kayak season, you will want to perform routine maintenance to keep everything up to par. Although a kayak is made using high-quality materials, ongoing maintenance can extend its life even further.

  • Spray it down: Spraying down your kayak after each adventure keeps the bottom clean, which keeps mold away. Too much grime can damage the hull after long periods of time.
  • Protect the inside: You will want to cover your kayak’s inside when it isn’t in use. A simple cover will keep animals and rain out.
  • Consider UV protection: UV protection is available in spray form to help protect your kayak from UV rays. Spray it on periodically to maintain your kayak’s color and hull from deteriorating.

Store Your Kayak In-Season and Off-Season in Style

During the kayak season and out of season, you will want to store your kayak properly. Log kayak racks look great, are durable and keep kayaks from storage damage and wear. They can be placed anywhere, giving you easy access to more adventure. To find the perfect storage solution for your kayak, give us a call at 715-543-2006 or contact us online.