Storage Rack for Small Watercraft

Canoe/Kayak Storage RackAs spring approaches and the days begin to get longer, we start dreaming about the water again. Kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, and all of our other small watercraft activities. There is something exciting about the anticipation of boating season that just gives you all the feels. As you take your small watercraft’s out of storage, Log Kayak Rack has one question to ask, was it stored properly?

Benefits of Proper Storage

When you own a small watercraft, whatever it may be, you should do everything you can to protect the integrity of it. Before we talk about the many benefits of our storage systems, it’s important to understand why the storage of your small watercraft is important in the first place. A past customer of ours decided enough was enough one day when she found a mouse taking refuge in the seat of her kayak. Imagine being out in the middle of the lake when a furry friend climbs up your leg! Not a pretty picture. Most importantly though, having the right storage system ensures the longevity of your watercraft. Mold, mildew, and rot can easily take over your moist watercraft when it’s not stored properly. To get the years that your small watercraft was built for, a storage rack is not just a want, it’s a need.

Our Storage Rack

So now that we all know how important proper storage is for any watercraft, the question really becomes which one is right for you? Log Kayak Rack has a variety of storage systems and customizable options, making it easy to find a storage rack right for your small watercraft. With every storage rack, we use a Northern White Cedar, rated best for weather resistance. Our racks can be for both indoor and outdoor use, they can be cemented into the ground, bolted to a dock, anchored into the ground, or made to be transportable. We customize our racks to accommodate all different types of small watercraft’s (kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, etc.,) so that they can easily fit together on the racks.

Go ahead and pull out your small boats and watercraft’s today. Assess them. Are they damaged? Do they need some work? It’s time to start investing in the products that you have spent so much time and money on already. For all of your storage rack needs for small watercraft’s, contact Log Kayak Rack today. Shop online or give us a call today at (715) 543-2006 or shoot us an email at We look forward to seeing your small watercrafts out on the water this season.