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Stand-Up Paddle Board (SUP) Basics


We recommend meeting with a SUP professional to find the right SUP board for you and to make sure the paddle is correctly fitted to your height. This will ensure that you will be able to use correct posture and get the most out of your stand-up paddle board experience.

The Gear You Will Need

You will need a leash to make sure that the board doesn’t get away from you if you fall or decide to take a quick refreshing dip. The leash is a stick-and-go band that wraps around your ankle and is connected to the board. Don’t worry, it doesn’t get in the way of your paddle boarding.

It is recommended and, in some states, required that you wear a life jacket or otherwise known as a personal floatation device (PFD). We recommend wearing one that is comfortable and won’t get in the way of your paddling. Wearing a PFD also makes it a lot easier to get back on your paddle board if you were to take a swim. Make sure to take care of your life jacket to prolong its life by keeping it hung up and out of the elements. If your life jacket doesn’t have waterproof pockets, it would beneficial to find a waterproof bag that you can strap to your side for your ID, keys etc.

Paddle boarding is a great way to get a total workout in, so be sure to bring water and light snacks with you. The last thing you want is to get dehydrated during your trip. Don’t forget your sunscreen! Being on the water intensifies the sun exposure to your skin, and you can burn much quicker. Protect yourself from a nasty sunburn by using sunscreen.

Caring for Your SUP Board

Just like kayaks and canoes, SUP boards need some special care to keep them afloat. Over time, exposure of water and sunlight can fade the color of your board, but the elements can also create corrosion in the material that makes it float.

Don’t store your SUP board in direct sunlight or in water. Dry your SUP board off completely after use, and if possible do not store on the ground. It is recommended to store your paddle board on a rack, fin up. Pad the rack where the SUP board will touch to avoid any scratches or dings if the rack is not made specifically for SUP boards.

Stand up paddle boarding is fun for all ages and is great for your health. Have fun and stay safe! It’s sure to be your next favorite outdoor water sport for your family.

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