Small Water Craft Lakeside Storage

Canoe, Kayak, PaddleboardThis is the perfect time of year to spend time out on the water. Temperatures are warm, sunshine is ample and days are long. Kayaking and canoeing is a favorite summer pastime for many all over the US. Whether you are an avid water sport lover or just enjoy relaxing on the water, it is likely that having your boats conveniently stored lakeside would allow you to enjoy the water even more this season. And, lugging boats to and from your vehicle or a cabin can make enjoying the water more difficult and take a toll on your boats. Log Kayak Rack has designed a wide selection of heavy duty, durable, kayak, canoe and stand up paddleboard storage racks that can be placed lakeside for ultimate convenience. This allows you more time on the water where you truly want to spend your free time!

Durable Kayak, Canoe and SUP Storage

Log Kayak Rack’s storage systems are ideal for lakeside installation and use. These storage systems are made from northern white cedar logs, meaning that they are weather resistant and can be kept outdoors for your storage needs. They will keep your property looking clean and well-kept and keep your boats in their best possible condition when they are not in the water. And, they make heading out for a day on the lake easy, fast and fun. You can expect these durable storage racks to last for years, even if left unfinished. Our storage racks allow you to keep your small boats safe and dry when not in the water so that they can be ready for your next adventure.

The storage racks from Log Kayak Rack come in many different sizes to meet your need. You can choose from 2, 4 or 6 slot kayak racks, a 4 kayak + 4 SUP rack or even have one custom made to meet your unique needs. Our storage racks can hold even heavy boats up to 100 lbs with no problems. Lakeside, you can have a storage rack anchored to the ground to ensure it can withstand unpredictable weather and protect your boats when they are not in use.

Spend More Time On The Water This Season!

Protect your investment this season. Ensure that your boats will be able to do their job for years to come by storing them appropriately and conveniently when they are not in use. Contact the team at Log Kayak Rack at (715) 543-2006 for more information!