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Small Boat Storage


It is summertime and the living is easy! That is for humans, of course. What about your kayak, canoe or stand up paddle board (SUP)? Life is a little more tough on these types of boats during the summer. As a kayak owner, it is important that you do your fair share to protect your boat when it is not in use. What better way to secure kayaks than with a reliable Log Kayak storage system! Here at Log Kayak Rack, we’ve been in the woodworking business for nearly a quarter century, so it is safe to say that we know how to keep your boats protected.

Kayak Storage Rack

For those kayak lovers, it is very important to keep this investment high and dry when you are finished exploring. Storing your kayak by the lake or ocean shore is not a good idea because your kayak will never get dry. Thanks to our durable and attractive Log Kayak storage system, you’ll be able to keep your kayak away from water, dirt, and any bugs or rodents that try and use it as their shelter! Our team at Log Kayak Rack has racks for all sizes and styles. Choose from the following kayak storage systems:

  • 2 Slot Kayak Rack
  • 4 Slot Kayak Rack
  • 6 Slot Kayak Rack
  • 8 Slot Kayak Rack
  • Custom Kayak Rack

Canoe Storage Rack

By using some of the highest quality wood available, northern white cedar helps our team create heavy duty canoe storage racks that are built to handle any type of weather that mother nature throws its way. By investing in a canoe storage rack, you’ll no longer have to drag your canoe across the ground as you slowly cause damage to your boat. Choose from one of our canoe storage racks including:

  • 2 Place Canoe Rack
  • 4 Place Canoe Rack
  • 6 Place Canoe Rack
  • 8 Place Canoe Rack

SUP Storage Rack

If you have never tried a stand up paddle board (SUP), you don’t know what you are missing! For those SUP owners, our team at Log Kayak Rack has reliable storage for you as well! Offering these storage racks in a wide variety of finishes, our team can help you find just the look you have been searching for. At Log Kayak Rack, we specialize in creating diverse SUP storage racks including:

  • 2 Place Paddle Board Rack
  • 4 Place Paddle Board Rack
  • 6 Place Paddle Board Rack
  • 8 Place Paddle Board Rack

If you are ready to help your kayak, canoe or SUP live a little easier like you in the summer, it is time to team up with our staff at Log Kayak Rack. Give us a call today at (715) 543-2006 or email to learn more about our kayak and other style boat storage racks.