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Small Boat Storage Solutions Charleston


For an avid boater or stand up paddle boarder, the beauty of living in Charleston, South Carolina, is the numerous nearby waterways. No matter what water sports you’re interested in, with the Atlantic Ocean nearby for stand up paddle boarding and rivers flowing in every direction, there’s somewhere for everyone looking for adventures on the South Carolina waters. No matter who you are, though, you need more than a great waterway to make your boating excursions as enjoyable as possible; you need a place to rest your head when you’re done paddling or rowing for the day – and that means you need a place to rest your boat or board as well. Log Kayak Rack is here to help you out with our custom-made wooden boat racks. Made to fit canoes, kayaks, and boards of all sizes, once you invest in one of our small boat and board storage racks, you’ll be wondering how you managed to get by without it.

Custom Free-Standing and Wall-Mounted Boat Racks

What makes our boat racks so different from other storage systems can’t be summed up into one defining quality. Our wooden boat racks are hand-crafted and custom built to meet every boater’s needs, whether you’re canoeing around Morris Island, Kayaking from Garris Landing, or stand up paddle boarding in the Charleston Harbor. You select the size and shape, and we take care of the engineering portion of building a durable boat rack that’s still aesthetically pleasing. Because we know that every water sports enthusiast has different types of boats and boards as well as their own way of cleaning and storing their boats and boards, we’ve made racks that will meet your board and small boat storage needs. We offer wall-mounted boat racks, which can hold up to two boats or boards, as well as free-standing storage systems, which are able to hold upwards of 150 lbs. with eight slots of boats and boards.

Small Boat Racks for Easy Canoe, Kayak, and SUP Storage

Once you’ve decided how many boats or boards you’ll be storing on your new boat rack and whether you’ll opt for a wall-mounted or free-standing boat storage system, all that’s left to do is relish in the ease of using a hand-crafted boat rack from Log Kayak Rack. With a wooden boat rack, you’ll find that it’s more than beautifully crafted, it’s built to withstand weathering and weight, which makes it simple to store several of your kayaks, canoes, surfboards, or stand up paddle boards. We’ve created a boat storage system that can make cleaning and storage a simple, one-step process, so with our free-standing boat racks, you’ll be able to wash your boats and boards on the rack when you get back from a day at Folly Beach or Shem Creek without having to worry about moving them from place to place for cleaning and storage. To find out more about how our wooden boat racks can make boating in Charleston, South Carolina, more enjoyable for you, call us at 715-543-2006, or email