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Small Boat Lakeside Storage


No matter how big or small your boat may be, it is definitely an expensive investment. Even for the small boats like kayaks, canoes or stand up paddle boards (SUP), the price tag can put a nice dent into your wallet. Anytime you commit to a big purchase like investing in one of these types of boats, you need to properly store your item from day one. Don’t get lazy and begin bad habits like laying your small boat lakeside directly on the ground. Instead, make that extra investment to ensure that your kayak, canoe or SUP stays around for as long as possible. That’s where our team at Log Kayak Rack can lend a helping hand! Specializing in small boat lakeside storage, your small boats will be easily stored safely, right by the lake!

The Perfect Storage Option

Hearing stories about how much our customers love their small boat lakeside storage unit is what puts a smile on our face regularly. In the same way that you have a passion for your kayak, canoe or SUP, our dedicated staff has that same passion for creating a storage unit for small boats. With every storage rack, we love to hear back from the owner to find out how much they are enjoying their small boat lakeside storage solution.

Perfect for our lake house. It blends into the landscape beautifully. It’s holding our 3 kayaks, our stand up paddle board and about 8 floats that hang perfectly over the wood arms, and there’s room for more. I had been looking for the perfect kayak holder for a while and very glad I waited to find this. Very pleased.” – Steve Sackleron

Multi-Boat Storage Option

What is great about our small boat lakeside storage options is that they can hold more than just one boat. Many small boat owners have a bunch of boats that they’ve accumulated over the years. With Log Kayak Rack, we give you the ability to store all of your small boats in one specific location. Depending on your needs, we offer a 2, 4, 6 or even 8 place storage rack. If that’s not enough, we also offer customizable storage racks as well. All you have to do is reach out to our dedicated staff and we’ll do the rest to ensure you pick the perfect small boat lakeside storage option for all of your needs.

So, if you are ready to take the next step towards properly protecting your small boat investment, a partnership with Log Kayak Rack is the perfect solution. Team up with our staff so that you can take advantage of our small boat lakeside storage options. Give us a call today at (715) 543-2006 or email to learn more!