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PVC or Wood Kayak Rack? Which Is Better?


You just bought a new kayak and are looking forward to many beautiful and exciting trips in the future. To keep your kayak in top-notch condition in the years to come, it is important to store it correctly. This means you must keep it dry when not in the water, protect it from UV rays, and discourage animals from setting up housekeeping.

Properly storing your kayak will protect your investment and keep you on the water for years to come.

You will see many options for kayak storage, so you will need to make some decisions. One of the first choices is to select the type of material used to make the storage unit. The most popular units are made of either wood or PVC. What are the pros and cons of these materials for building kayak storage?

PVC Kayak Racks

PVC kayak storage racks are less expensive than wood and are more suitable for DIY storage rack projects than wood for the average paddler. The downsides of PVC are aesthetics and longevity.

  • PVC pipe looks a lot like a plumbing installation, which is where PVC usually appears.
  • When exposed to sunlight, PVC can degrade quickly.
  • Depending on the design, freestanding PVC storage racks could be less stable than those constructed from wood.

Wood Kayak Racks

Wood has an excellent track record as a material used in outside construction. Northern white cedar and other types of cedar are particularly durable, even when exposed to the elements. White cedar is a low maintenance wood, requiring a coat of wood preservative every few years or not at all, depending on the look you would like to achieve.

Using wood for kayak storage is a natural choice and a great investment, as a wood kayak rack will last for many years with minimal maintenance on your part. Even if you do nothing, a cedar storage rack will continue to have a lovely, weathered gray appearance.

If you prefer a different look, you can simply stain the wood with an oil-based stain. Because wood is heavier, a wood kayak storage unit should be more stable than PVC.

Learn More About Wood Kayak Racks

At Log Kayak Rack, we specialize in custom and stock wood kayak storage racks and are happy to talk with you about the advantages of choosing wood for your kayak storage. To learn more about the benefits of using Northern white cedar for your kayak storage rack, call Log Kayak Rack at 715-543-2006or contact usonline.