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Proper Equipment for Kayaking


Paddlers everywhere are traveling to new places and seeing new spaces, as are the kayaks they glide on. It is important to be prepared out there on the water, phones can get wet, sunglasses dropped, rough rapids can come up and temperatures can drop quickly… A kayak, paddles, life-vests, some bungee cords, lunch and a dry bag are just some of the basic equipment suggested to kayak with. At times, it is critical to pack more, especially in cold weather. Below is a list of some suggested equipment to bring on a daytime kayaking trip.

List of Equipment for Kayaking

  • Extra Paddle – It is safe to say that no one intends to be up a creek and without a paddle, yet it still happens. Knowing this, just bring along an extra paddle and hopefully it is for nothing.
  • Maps – Wrong turns happen and when they do it is nice to be able to quickly steer yourself back on course and journey the route you had planned, instead of flowing down unknown waters.
  • Matches/Lighter/Fire Starter – It is never a bad thing to know how to start a fire or to have fire as an option at any time. Let’s say things get a little wetter than expected, which easily happens around water, no biggy – just have a shore fire and dry off, warm up, maybe eat a snack and be on your way.
  • First Aid – A solid first aid kit is a must, even when just going down the creek near your home. It is important to be able to address any injuries immediately as they happen. Utilizing your first aid kit will prevent infections, blood loss and it can be a critical tool in a time of need.
  • Dry Suit – This is a must for kayaking in cold weather. If you are braving it and one of those ‘the cold doesn’t bother me anyway’ be sure to stay toasty warm, even when water splashes with a dry suit.
  • Compass – It is never a good idea to journey into the woods and leave your compass behind. Put it to use, make it a learning moment for the family or your significant other when all goes well.
  • Water – You better be packing that H20!

There are so many other things you can choose to use while kayaking the waters, these are just a few…

Kayak Storage Equipment

While you’re thinking of gear you can use to protect yourself and your belongings, don’t forget about your kayak. With all this gear you have invested in to keep you safe, what is keeping your kayak safe?… The one thing (besides you) needed for all of your gear to be enjoyed. Log Kayak Rack offer an entire line of Log Kayak Racks you can order Online.

Don’t forget to check everything off your Kayaking Equipment List before you hit the waters!