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Paddler Storage Racks


There is something about paddler boats that are so special. Most are small enough so that they can fit on top of cars and travel with you wherever you go. They are lighter, easier to maneuver, arguably they provide a good workout, and the engine never breaks down because there is no engine! Paddler boats can include your stand up paddleboards (SUPs), kayaks, and canoes. They are a great investment with virtually no maintenance if you take great care of them. How do you do that exactly? Paddler storage racks. Log Kayak Rack offers SUP storage, Kayak storage and Canoe Storage for all of your paddler needs! If you are getting a paddler because the low-to-no maintenance costs appeal to you, your next important investment is a way to store it!

SUP Storage

One sure fire way to make some memories is to buy a paddle board! While the paddle board requires very minimal equipment, the board itself needs to be cared for tremendously. Cracking, dings and lots of other damage may occur to the board if not properly stored. If these things occur, you might as well say goodbye to your beautiful stretch of memories. Log Kayak Rack offers custom SUP storage for however many spots you need. Storing your SUP safely on our quality cedar racks will keep your SUP in working condition for a lot longer!

Kayak Storage

Kayaks can be used in any sort of water from ponds to oceans. Our log kayak racks give your kayaks a safe and secure place to rest until you are ready for your next adventure. Leaving your kayak on the ground can lead to hull damage, material wear, tears and holes. Don’t do that to your beautiful paddler! We have all different types of kayak storage, including river, beachside, oceanside and free standing kayak racks. Whether you have 1 kayak or 8, we can build a log kayak rack perfect for you.

Canoe Storage

Store 1 canoe or store 8, we can handcraft your canoe storage to fit your paddler to the Tee! Whether you are the sole owner and have a lot of canoes at your home, or you are a resort owner looking for an attractive place to store your canoes while also keeping them high and dry, our canoe storage is perfect for you. Our racks can be freestanding and built for both indoor and outdoor use!

So if you are looking for a place to store your paddlers, look no further that Log Kayak Rack. For more information or to order you rack today, give us a call at (715) 543-2006.