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Paddle Board Storage Racks

Are you paddling to catch the ocean surf? Perhaps enjoy a smooth, glossy lake? Or maybe river rapids are more your speed? There are many paces when it comes to stand up paddle boarding and regardless of the body of water you choose it is crucial to make sure your board is protected while being stored. Our durable stand-up paddle board racks can offer you that and more.

Made from quality cedar logs, our SUP racks offer extreme strength and beautiful.  and come in many sizes and styles, holding  anywhere from two to eight stand up paddle boards.  Don’t just toss your SUP aside when it’s time to come in; display it proudly with a paddle board storage rack from Log Kayak Rack.

Protect Your Paddle Board with Our Storage Racks

Paddle boarding requires minimal equipment but the board itself is at the top of that list. If your SUP board gets cracked, dinged, or otherwise damaged you can say goodbye to catching that tide until it’s repaired. You may have heard of some quick fixes like duct tape or packing tape but those are short term fixes and might not be your best option in the long run. Your best option is to protect your board from getting damaged in the first place  with proper storage.

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8, 6, 4, & 2 Place Paddleboard Holders

We offer a wide variety of durable, weatherproof SUP board racks. Just select your size based on the number or paddle boards and other small watercrafts you have to store. No matter which style you choose, each one of our wooden standup paddleboard racks hold around 100 lbs. and will be an attractive addition to property while bringing durability, appeal, and security.

8 Place Paddle Board Rack – Eliminate clutter and unnecessary damage with our 8-place paddleboard rack. This freestanding storage rack can easily hold up to eight paddleboards of any size, whether they are extra-long, super-short, narrow, or wide and will be a welcome addition to your yard, dock, beach or any other location where you use it.

6 Place Paddle Board Rack – Maybe you’ve got a collection but it’s not quite big enough for the need of 8 storage slots, our 6-place free standing SUP rack holds up to 6 boards. This storage and display stand securely stacks 3 paddle boards back-to-back and will definitely keep your SUPs safe and clean while they wait patiently for the next exploration.

4-Place Paddle Board Rack – If you need storage room for gear and boards that will last for many years, our free-standing paddle board rack that holds 4 may be a perfect fit. This style features two storage slots, back-to-back to hold a total of four paddle boards, or a combination of boards, rafts, or smaller boats. Be confident in the condition of your boards and gear when you’re away by purchasing a proper storage rack that will prevent avoidable damages.

2 Place Paddle Board Rack – Maybe you’ve just taken the plunge and discovered your new love for paddle boarding and with that came a realization you need a proper place to store your board. There are a lot of storage options out there but nothing like our quality dual paddle board storage systems. We have a variety of styles, mounted and two different free-standing options. We personally handcraft each individual storage rack for unrivaled beauty and strength. You’ll enjoy the appeal that our product brings when you displayed your paddle boards on this rustic, solidly crafted rack.

Free-Standing Stand Up Paddleboard Storage Systems

The largest of our selection is a free-standing paddle board storage system that can hold up to 8 paddle boards and gear. Great for short- and long-term storage of many boards, or a variety of SUP boards, rafts, gear and small boats, these racks  hold paddle boards that are extra-long, super-short, narrow, wide and any size.

Ground Buried Stand Up Paddleboard Storage

For clean, durable, outdoor paddle board storage, look no further than our ground-buried SUP stands. Made from naturally weather-resistant northern white cedar logs, these stands will look great for years to come while safely securing your paddle boards and taking up minimal outdoor space.

Dock-Mounted Stand-Up Paddleboard Storage Racks

Keep your SUPs at the ready with our dock-mounted storage racks. Not only do these paddleboard storage racks provide quick and easy access and unbeatable convenience, but they’ll look gorgeous on your dock with their handcrafted, naturally weather-resistant northern white cedar log construction.

Wall-Mounted Stand-Up Paddleboard Storage

Display your paddleboards and keep them safe with our beautiful, wall-mounted standup paddleboard storage racks. As versatile as they are beautiful, these SUP racks can be mounted inside your rental company, outside at your resort or even on a set of trees by your lake access.

Buy Stand Up Paddle Board Storage Online or By Phone

Stop dragging that board around. Store it safely and easily on one of on our quality, stand up paddle board storage racks. Our rustic looking, weatherproof SUP racks are in stock and ready to ship to nearly anywhere in the US or Canada including AlabamaArizonaArkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, GeorgiaIdaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, West Virginia, WisconsinWyoming.

Shop our storage selection online or contact Log Kayak Rack directly for custom paddle board rack orders at 1-715-543-2006. We can custom create a design of your choice with  the same weather resistant cedar, attention to detail and outstanding direct customer support.

With the warmer weather arriving across the country, are you getting the itch to get your paddle board out on the ocean or lake? Hopefully you took the proper steps to store your paddle board during the off-season. Paddle board storage has a direct impact on your boat’s life expectancy. If you regretfully stored your paddle board improperly and are ready to invest in protective storage for the future, Log Kayak Rack is just what you have been looking for. A beautiful log paddle board storage system can be customized just for you by our experienced team.

Diverse Storage Systems

Protecting your paddle board through proper storage should not be taken lightly. At Log Kayak Rack, we make it easy for you! When developing our paddle board storage racks, we wanted to be able to provide our customers with diverse storage options. Whether you need to store one paddle board all the way up to 8, we can keep your prized possessions protected when you are not on the water! These storage systems include:

Paddle Board Storage Rack

Just like with any expensive investment that you make, having a plan to protect your paddle board when it is not being used is very important. Rather than leaving your paddle board on the ground where it is more likely to get damaged, consider storing it in one of our reliable paddle board storage systems. Give us a call today at (715) 543-2006 or email to learn how you can get your hands on a beautiful log paddle board storage system from our team at Log Kayak Rack.