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Paddle Board Storage Rack


If you’ve ever been out on a paddle board, it’s likely that you’ve fallen in love with the sport. For many different reasons, people love to paddle board. It’s a fun thing to do for all ages. We’ve seen young, old, and many in-betweeners enjoying their paddle boards in all different ways. Whether it’s gliding through the sound in the early morning or doing evening yoga with your dog in the middle of the lake, paddle boards are versatile and fun for all sorts of activities! As versatile as it is, there is one rule to paddle boarding that must always be followed – store your SUP in a safe place! No matter what you do with your board in the water, the way you store it should always be the same. Log Kayak Rack is your premier paddle board storage rack that basically saves the day and dramatically decreases the risk of damaging your beautiful SUP.

Paddle Board Maintenance

One of the greatest things about paddle boarding is that it really requires minimal equipment. Honestly, you could just use the board itself! However, especially because the board is the main component, it’s extremely important to take care of it! We’ve seen paddle boards out in the water with duct tape and packing tape all over it during some seasons, but guess what? Those boards aren’t out there for long! Eventually your SUP will be ruined if you aren’t taking good care of it. To avoid all the cracking, dinging, and any other damage it may catch on the ground, floor, or garage, use our stand up paddle board storage systems.

SUP Board Storage Systems

These racks are specifically designed for your paddle-boards. Perhaps you only have two stand up paddle boards to your name. This means that you have some options. You can mount your boards or enjoy two different types of freestanding styles. Either way, both of your boards will be kept off of the ground and will dry appropriately. We also have 4, 6, and even 8 paddle board rack options. Each option allows for plenty of room for each board and an ample amount of air for it to dry and avoid damages. They are capable of holding extra-long boards, extra-short boards, narrow boards, and even wild boards. Our storage system works for any type of SUP board. Perhaps you were hoping for something a little more customized to use? Feel free to create a design of your choice that matches your needs perfectly! No matter what type of rack you choose, you will get the same weather resistant cedar that is built to last and looks outstanding while holding your SUP boards securely.

Want to know more? If you are interested in our paddle board storage racks, give us a call today! Contact Log Kayak Rack at 1(715)543-2006 or send us an email at