Outdoor Kayak Storage Racks

Log Kayak RackStoring kayaks can be a challenge. If you are tired of having your kayaks ruined from improper storage, it is time to try Log Kayak Rack’s weatherproof kayak/canoe/SUP rack today! This durable, outdoor kayak and small boat storage rack is the perfect way to kick boating season off right by getting organized and keeping your water toys safe!

Small Boat Storage Rack

So what exactly is Log Kayak Rack and how does it help? Our small boat storage rack can hold the heaviest of kayaks, canoes, and small boats up to 100+ pounds. We currently offer six different designs to custom-fit your needs. Log Kayak Rack has been working with log home and log furniture for over 25 years and provides a durable outdoor kayak storage solution for anyone looking to clean up their waterfront. Made for both indoor and outdoor use, we fit all sizes, types, and styles of kayaks, canoes, and SUPs. Our small boat storage rack offers an attractive look on the lakeside while also being incredibly practical and purposeful.

Weatherproof Kayak/Canoes/SUP Rack

There are so many reasons to find a durable outdoor kayak storage solution, but we’d say the number one reason is to protect your water items. We use Northern White Cedar, which is a type of wood that is decay-resistant and can be left outdoors year-round. Our weatherproof kayak/canoe/SUP rack can be left unfinished, turning it into a natural weathered grey, or finished to match your property. We can finish it to match your house, gate, trim, dock, or whatever else you may need.


We know storing kayaks can be a drag but stop. Literally dragging your small boat from the water’s edge into the garage is causing a lot of damage. Additionally, boats should never be kept on the ground. Our small boat storage rack is made to organize your boats and keep them off the ground, high and dry. Each kayak storage rack is designed to fit your needs and there are six different models to choose from. If nothing seems to be exactly what you need, don’t fret. We have the ability to customize your weatherproof kayak/canoe/SUP rack to whatever you may need! When you receive your rack, it will come with fully illustrated instructions for assembly, along with an easy to follow video. We use mortise and tenon joinery whenever possible and all of our joints are additionally glued and screwed.

So if you are looking for a durable outdoor kayak storage solution, check out Log Kayak Rack’s weatherproof kayak/canoe/SUP rack today. Give us a call at (715)543-2006 or email us at sales@hitchexclusive.com.