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Organize Your Outdoor Space With Kayak Storage Systems


It’s that time of the year when your outdoor space becomes an extension of your home. From family gatherings to cookouts, your outdoor space should be the ultimate hangout spot. But, you may have noticed that your yard is cluttered from the off-season and could use some organization.

Your kayaks don’t have to spend their summer stacked up outside, taking up space. Instead, when you’re not adventuring on the water, there are kayak storage systems to keep them accessible and safe.

Need-to-Know Benefits of Kayak Storage Systems

Kayak storage systems are perfect for storing a couple kayaks or a cabin-full. In the off-season and during high season, these storage systems provide a beautiful way to display your equipment, while keeping it secure.

  • Safe and secure: Storage systems are safe and secure for two kayaks or multiple kayaks. They can be drilled into concrete or placed into the ground for sturdiness. You can also purchase kayak locks or straps that work with your storage solution to help secure your equipment when not in use.
  • High-quality construction: Kayak storage systems are made using high-quality materials such as northern white cedar. They age well and are sure to last a lifetime of adventure.
  • Protection from wear and tear: When kayaks are stored tightly for the long-term, they can become warped or depressed. Storage systems protect kayaks from needless wear and tear by holding them gently and keeping them spaced apart.
  • Beautiful construction: When it comes to any additions to your outdoor space, you want style and Kayak storage systems are easy on the eyes and easy to use.

The Ultimate Customized Kayak Organization Tool

Kayak storage systems are simple, beautiful and completely customizable to fit your specific needs. There are various sizes to choose from, including two slots, four slots andsix slots. For kayakers and paddleboarders alike, there is a four-slot kayak system option with four added slots for stand-up paddleboards.

If none of these sizes work for you, there are customization options for both kayak and canoe racks. Made-to-order racks are also available, so you can have the rack that works best for you.

Get Your Kayak Rack Just in Time for Summer

It’s time to enjoy the beautiful weather and the wonderful outdoors. Your kayak deserves to rest in comfort and security, all year round. For help choosing the perfect kayak storage system for your equipment, call us today at 715-543-2006or contact us online.