Northern White Cedar Storage

Waterside Kayak_Canoe_Paddle board storage systemsWhether you spend your weekends at The Container Store and love everything about organization…or your home almost always looks like a tornado ran through it and you’d rather die than fold your clothes, Log Kayak Rack is still the perfect solution for all of your outdoor “toys.” This wood storage system is a perfect kayak, canoe and SUP storage system that will keep your belongings safe and organized.

Not Just For Organization

Okay, yes! Our kayak, canoe and SUP storage systems do keep your boats organized but that’s not where it ends. The main purpose of our wood storage systems is to keep your belongings safe. Tossing them into the garage, dragging them on the ground, or even simply leaving them at the water’s edge, are all very good examples of how to treat your belongings badly. The scratches and dings you get from this alone can leave your small boats destroyed. Even if you you safely secure them in your garage or covered patio, it’s not going to stop the mold and bacteria build up from improper storage. Log Kayak Rack isn’t just used for its functional organization feature, it is used primarily to protect your investment! Our wood storage systems are made from northern white cedar. This type of wood is rated best for weather resistance.

The Functionality of our Kayak, Canoe & SUP Storage

Whether you need one rack or 8, Log Kayak Rack can find the perfect wood storage system to fit your needs. Although we are called Log Kayak Rack, we were built for so much more versatility. Canoes fit like a glove, as well as our SUPs which are secured perfectly within our racks. We also have capabilities to safely store small boats and our latest, bike storage. Depending on size and space, your rack can be free-standing, mounted, or stacked and stationary. If you are looking for something more specific that does not seem to fit our standard 2-8 slot kayak rack, let us build and customize one for you! Built just for your needs, we can stain and finish it to match whatever scenery or theme you may be going for!

Whether your need for northern white cedar storage is for organization or preservation, Log Kayak Rack’s kayak, canoe & SUP storage is perfect for you! Don’t forget to ask about our bike storage as well! For more information, give Log Kayak Rack a call today at 1(715) 543-2006.