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Multiple Canoe Rack


Are you the owner of multiple canoes or other small boats (kayaks, SUPs)? And, are you constantly looking for places to store them safely when they are not in the water? Your storage dilemma can finally be over. Log Kayak Rack offers beautiful, functional and durable storage racks for multiple canoes and/or other small boats. These storage racks allow you to keep your canoes safe, dry, intact and off the ground where they can easily be damaged over time. With our storage racks, all you have to do is bring your boat in off the water and place it on the rack and your problem is solved.

Heavy Duty, High Quality Canoe Storage

Log Kayak Rack makes heavy duty multiple canoe racks that are can be used indoors or out, based on your needs. All racks are made from high quality Northern White Cedar Wood, is beautiful, durable and long lasting. A canoe rack can easily last for many years and also extend the life of your boats. You can also save yourself time when you are not in the water, keeping your canoes and other boats organized, safe and the shape intact. These racks can be bolted into any wood surface using wood screws and the instructions that come with the rack.

Our team can design and build a canoe rack to meet your needs. We keep a wide variety of convenient rack combinations in stock and available for immediate shipping and are also happy to customize a rack to perfectly match your needs. We can customize length, width, height, and number of arms and number of boats that can be stored. Our team enjoys a challenge, so we welcome dialogue and sketches from you that give us more information about what you are looking for. Our racks accommodate boats that are up to 100 lbs each and if you have any concerns about whether your boat will fit onto our racks, just give us a call and we will give you a definitive answer.

Racks Ship Quickly and Are Easy To Assemble

Canoe racks are easy to assemble, made in the USA and ship for free with 5 day handling, so you can have the rack on your dock THIS SEASON. Rack prices start at $384.99, an affordable solution for your canoe storage needs. For more information or to speak with a member of the Log Kayak Rack team, call us today at (715) 543-2006 or email