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Moveable Kayak Storage Rack


Enjoying the beach and the ocean is one of the most glamorous parts of living in Florida. Enjoying the crashing waves, that salty taste on your lips, and the breeze is a great way to spend your day. As many people head to the beach for their day off, its great to enjoy your day kayaking into the waves. As the sand whips through the air, and sticks to your wet kayak, it is good to get your kayak off the ground and away from the blowing sand so that the inside does not get too dirty, and that the sand that is stuck on the underneath can dry and brush off. Having a kayak rack is a great investment because of its practicality, ability for you to have easy access to your boat and also to avoid damage done to kayaks when they are stored improperly.

Log Kayak Rack is a family owned and operated business. With more than 24 years of experience of woodworking, owner and craftsman Kurt has brought his two passions together to share with others. Being on the water is one of their families favorite past-times, and living in Sarasota, Florida the water is there for you to enjoy. Whether you are looking for a storage unit for a resort, restaurant or rental vacation home or for your personal use we design storage units with a variety of size and using the best material in the business to be beautiful, functional and durable.

We design freestanding and wall mounted racks. If you are looking for a kayak rack that is easily move able than we are here for you. Whether you are a large water sports rental business or just need storage for personal use, we will design your rack for you. Free standing racks give you diversity to move kayaks in and out of your home or business, or around your property. Our kayak storage racks also store all sizes and style of kayaks. With our individually crafted products we can securely store our kayaks, make organization easy for you to grab your kayak and get to the water and keep your kayaks in a safe place from getting damage ensuring you that your kayak will last longer.

If a kayak rack is in your near future and you are looking for a custom kayak rack for Sarasota, Florida then Log Kayak Rack is the business you want to work with. We have a 1 year warranty on all of our products and because each one is hand-crafted it is done with care and precision that you deserve. Give us a call today and we will build you a custom kayak rack you will love.