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Log Kayak Rack’s Storage Selection


When you invest in items like a kayak, canoe, paddle board or even a bike, the way you store these items directly impacts their longevity. These types of toys are not cheap, so it is important that you consider storing your kayak, canoe, paddle board or bike in a way that it stays protected when not being used. Thanks to our dedicated team at Log Kayak Rack, we’ve got you covered when it comes to reliable outdoor storage racks. Our staff is continuously trying to find new ways to store your prized possessions.

Quality Woodworking Professionals

Kurt Kinnunen, owner of Log Kayak Rack, has a true passion for woodworking and has been around this type of work for nearly 25 years. From the beginning, he has sought to offer long lasting, reliable storage racks that not only protected, but looked nice while doing it! We understand that purchasing a storage rack may not always be as fun as buying a new kayak, but you can rest assured that our storage racks will keep your toys around for much longer. To back up our products, we offer a one year warranty and commit to you being 100% happy with your purchase.

Some of our New Storage Products

In addition to the original durable storage systems that we have offered for many years, our team has made an effort to create new, unique storage systems that help give you options when it comes to storage. These new products include:

  • Wood Storage – Our wood storage systems are able to be used both indoor or outdoor. These cedar storage systems are highly weather resistant and can hold multiple kayaks at a time. These easy to install racks can be anchored to the ground or even secured to sidewalks.
  • Kayak Storage with Roof – One new feature that our staff is very proud of is the ability to offer kayak storage with a roof. Adding a roof to your storage rack will help keep your items even more protected from mother nature. Just like your home needs a roof, so do your kayaks, canoes and paddle boards.
  • Bike Storage Just like our kayak racks, our bike racks are made from the same reliable northern white cedar. Instead of laying your bike up against the wet ground for the winter, consider storing it upright in our new log bike rack.

So, whether you are looking to store your kayak, canoe, paddle board or bike, Log Kayak Rack has you covered. Give us a call today at (715) 543-2006 to learn more about the new products that we offer.