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Log Kayak Rack Canada


There’s something about the Cottage Life Magazine that makes any outdoor adventurer a little giddy. Every time the page turns, there is an amazing new article on how a group rescues stranded animals in frozen waters using their trusty canoe. Or how about when that Canadian architectural group created an amazing log cabin right at the water’s edge? As we really get into the dead of winter, we begin to start dreaming of boating season again. Another thing that gets us excited here at Log Kayak Rack is

Not only can you start preparing for boating season which is just a few short months away, you can now order from Log Kayak Rack right from the site! We offer easy and simple Canada shipping so that your boating items can all be accounted for once spring hits! There’s never been a better time to dream in Cottage Life Magazine and then shop at for your Log Kayak Rack!

Log Kayak Racks offers Canada shipping at,, and Cottage Life Magazine.

Canada Owns Canoes, Too!

Log Kayak Rack is proud to say that we make all of our Log Kayak Racks at home here in Wisconsin, USA! Our racks are an attractive and practical way to store your smaller boats like kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, and canoes. We recognized the need for proper storage and built our business on honesty, integrity, and northern white cedar logs. Our durable kayak and canoe storage systems are weather resistant and built to give you organization, cleanliness, and most importantly, keep your equipment lasting longer. Our US customers have thoroughly enjoyed our racks and we have enjoyed sending them all over the country! We are now proud to offer Log Kayak Rack to the Canadian market as well! Our friends up north love boating and fun on the water just as much as we do here! So we offer hassle free Canada shipping so that your rack will still arrive in the 2.5 week timeframe! Additionally, you can order your Log Kayak Rack on or through our advertisements in Cottage Life Magazine.

The Beauty of The Rack

We take pride in our rack and offer custom builds for anyone looking for something more specific to their own personal needs. We have both indoor and outdoor racks, and can provide storage for 2-8 boats at a time! Boats up to 100lbs can fit into each slot and we can customize the shape of your boat if you send us your dimensions. We have several finishing options depending on what goes best on your property.

So what are you waiting for Canada? Jump on board and get your Log Kayak Rack today, as boating season is only a couple months away! Log Kayak Racks offers Canada shipping at,, and Cottage Life Magazine. For more information please give us a call today at 1(715)543-2006.