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Log Kayak & Canoe Rack California


You know what would be a beautiful addition to your property? Our elegant log kayak & canoe storage racks, displaying your proud kayaks, canoes, SUPs & surfboards right where you can see them, safe and ready for another adventure. California is a beautiful place to live, work and play if on the water is where you prefer to stay your going to want to invest in the proper storage. Whether your ideal time is a forest surrounded river or a wide open ocean sea, whether you are a kayak touring agency, resort or a proud property owner of any type our Log Kayak Racks are built to suit your small water boat storage needs.

Pros of our Solid Kayak & Canoe Racks

  • Pleasing to the Eye – We construct our Log Storage Racks with Northern White Cedar, a weather-resistant wood that stands the test of time and looks beautiful while doing it. Our Kayak & Canoe Racks will feel more like furniture with its sleek design and versatile staining possibilities.
  • Preserve Your Kayaks, Canoes, SUPs & Surfboards – Want to keep your small boats and boards lasting longer? Then place them on our specially designed storage racks every time you get out of the water and they will live on!
  • Perfectly Organized & Cleaned – When you select one of our storage racks that meets all your storage needs you will have a perfectly organized and cleaned collection. No need to wonder where your kayak is being placed when a spot is already designated for it.
  • Prevent Damages – No one is accidentally going to kick your kayak if it’s placed securely above the ground and the sand can’t wear away at it if it isn’t touching the shoreline while your away…Damages happen, on the water and off but you can prevent off the water damages with proper storage.

Kayak/Canoe/SUP/Surfboard Storage Rack Options

  • Free Standing
  • Wall Mounted
  • Deck Mounted
  • Buried
  • Single-Sided
  • Double-Sided
  • Low Option
  • High Option

Purchase our Kayak & Canoe Storage Racks Online

Our Storage Racks can hold from 1 to 8 different configurations of kayaks, canoes, SUPs, surfboards and even paddleboats. We have a variety of choices already designed that you can choose from or you can contact our experienced woodworker and you both can bring to life a design that will hold all of your aquatic equipment. The better you take care of your things, the longer they will last and kayaks/canoes are no different – so invest in the best for your water conquests.