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Log Bike Storage


Why can’t a bicycle stand up on its own? Because it’s two-tired! Okay, maybe that was corny but at least it made you smile! Don’t leave yet, keep reading because the more you do, the more you’ll smile! Log Kayak Rack is now offering a beautiful, rustic log bike storage system! Yes, friends! We now have a weatherproof bike rack that can finally give you the space you’ve been waiting for!

Bike Rack Storage Features

If you own a lot of bikes, or maybe you are a commercial company looking for a tasteful way to place a secure bike rack on your property, look no further than the bike storage rack from Log Kayak Rack. Made out of Northern white cedar, our weatherproof bike racks have 9 or 13 slots for a safe and efficient way to store your bikes. You can secure these bad boys to the sidewalks, anchor it to the ground, or leave them free standing near your home.

Rustic Log Bike Storage

The metal racks on city streets are just not tasteful. Log Kayak Rack offers both efficiency and aesthetically pleasing results with our newly released bike racks. You can choose to have your rack finished with one of our two finishing options, you can do-it-yourself so that your rack matches your property, or you can leave your weatherproof bike rack unfinished, letting it turn into a beautiful weathered grey color that will last for many years to come.

Secure Bike Rack

Each of our racks are glued, bolted, and screwed with galvanized screws. To give added strength, the joinery where the arms meet the posts are 2 inch mortise and tenon. We have 4 ⅝ inch post and feet and 3-inch rails, making it sturdy enough for 13 bikes. Our racks first come disassembled but are easily put together with a socket, ratchet and short extension. Our latest review states that the owner uses our bike storage rack every day and finds it well built and durable. As stated before, our secure bike rack can be both stationary and moved around as needed.

If you are not seeing the right size, finish, or number or slots needed for your property, feel free to give us a call. We offer custom racks that are made to fit your needs perfectly! For more information about our rustic log bike storage, call Log Kayak Rack today at (715) 543-2006 or email us at