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Log Bike Racks


When thinking of ideas for a bicycle rack that best suits your taste and lifestyle. Would you think of a flimsy, plastic, post? Or would you image a structurally sound, beautiful piece of art? Here at Hitch Exclusive, we provide a long lasting purchase. Not only is this bike storage versatile and durable but it will catch the eye of friends, customers and visitors. Our custom made bike racks are top of the line hand crafted, not manufactured. Carved in Wisconsin and serving the Midwest, contact us today (715) 543-2006 or shop online for your very own Bike Storage Rack!

9 Place Log Bike Rack

Made to outstand the brutality of mother nature our featured bicycle racks are made from Northern White Cedar which is appraised top for the resilience from weather conditions. Holding up to 9 peddle bikes this cedar wood storage unit can be utilized outdoors or inside your home. Also our products feature heavy duty mortise and tension joinery – for added durability. The 9 place log bike rack comes dismembered with easy step by step construction instructions. We can guide you to build this elegant piece for you and your family to use for many years. The assembly involves a 7/16” socket and ratchet with a short extension usually found in most socket sets from any tool store. It can be purchased finished or unfinished. If unfinished you can use a stain or outdoor finish of your choice and follow the manufactures instructions listed on the can provided. Contact us today to get your custom bike storage!

13 Place Log Bike Rack

Also available in finished or unfinished, this 13 place log bike rack is a natural heavy duty storage unit. Utilized for bigger families, even camps and recreational parks. We thrive to keep the beauty of nature and add in the art of design. Available for indoor or outdoor use, the 13 peddle bike rack is a beautiful touch for a valued and used product. Our bike rack can be secured to sidewalks or an anchoring kit will give you ideas as well. The cedar wood storage unit will last a substantial amount of time. Contact us today to enjoy a beautiful storage saver!

Log Rack Warranty/Return Policy

Log Kayak Rack warrants the storage rack purchased is valid for one year on parts for the original owner only. We will provide replacement for no charge if defective parts. The return policy if ever utilized is from within 7 days of receiving the product. The original price of your item will be refunded to the fullest. We honor you as a customer and highly confident you and your family will absolutely love this storage unit for many years to come. Contact us today!