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Lifting, Carrying & Storing Your Canoe


Your canoe is likely one of your most prized possession and as the upcoming water season approaches, you want to make sure to keep your canoe safe, damage free and ready to hit the water at a moment’s notice!  Lifting, carrying and storing your canoe is a very important part of the maintenance process. Log Kayak Rack offers beautiful canoe storage racks made of 100% northern white cedar logs that can keep your canoe and other small boats safe and dry when they are not in use.

Tips For Lifting and Carrying Your Canoe

  1. Remove all water and any equipment on the inside of your canoe before you lift and store your canoe. This can cause long-term damage to the hull and makes it much harder to lift and carry.
  2. When possible lift and move your canoe with help! It is much easier to lift and move your canoe with the strength of two people.
  3. If you must lift your canoe alone, use the strength of your legs (not your back) to minimize injury and have a spotter when possible. You should practice your technique before you are trying to carry it from the water to a storage location.
  4. There are three basic kinds of canoe lifts and carries; lifting and carrying with more than two paddlers, lift and carrying by two paddlers and lift and carry with one paddler. Group carrying is the easiest for you as well as for the canoe.
  5. You are probably very good at managing canoe safety while in the water, but it is just as important to put safety measures in place for lifting and carrying your canoe after your water ride.

Recommendations for Storing Your Canoe

Once you lift and carry your canoe to the location where it will be stored, it is so tempting to throw it down until the next adventure.  A canoe storage rack is the ideal way to store your canoe when it is not being used.  A storage rack keeps your canoe safe while it is not in the water, high and dry, maintains the shape and look of your boat, keeps them organized and minimizes dragging your boats around.

Log Kayak Rack designs and builds high quality storage racks for your canoes and all of your small boats.  Our storage racks can hold 2, 4, 6 or 8 boats, and are durable enough for inside or outside storage.  If you would like more information about Log Kayak Rack’s storage racks, call 715-543-2006 or email