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Lakeside Canoe Storage Options


With so much excitement about being out on the lake waters of MN & WI, we often forget to properly store our canoes once the day on the lake is over. If you are hoping to keep your canoe around for years to come, it is time for you to invest in an easy to use storage option that will keep your canoe safe at all times. Canoes are expensive investments, so it is only right that you take the necessary measures to store it properly lakeside. Not sure where to even begin when it comes to canoe storage options? The answer is simple, choose Log Kayak Rack. With a passion for proper storage, we love hearing the stories about all of the exciting times our customers have had on their canoe and how many years they get out of their canoes thanks to our reliable canoe racks.

The Log Kayak Difference

MN and WI both have tough weather throughout the year. Due to this, our design team at Log Kayak Rack felt it was necessary to utilize the most weather resistant wood on the market for our canoe racks. Each and every canoe rack that we built is made from Northern White Cedar, making it extremely strong and durable when compared to other canoe storage options. In addition to durability, our canoe racks come with flexibility. These racks are light and easy to maneuver. Whether you decide to bolt your canoe rack to a dock or you prefer to anchor it to the ground lakeside, our canoe racks can work either way.

Multiple Canoe Rack Options

Depending on your need, our team at Log Kayak Rack can create the perfect canoe rack for you! Our most common canoe racks include:

● 2 Canoe Storage Rack
● 4 Place Canoe Storage Rack
● 6 Place Canoe Storage Rack
● 8 Place Storage Rack(Up to 6 Canoes + 2 Kayaks/SUPs)

Backed with a Warranty

At Log Kayak Rack, we still believe in offering the 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not pleased with your canoe rack, the original purchase price of your canoe rack will be refunded as long as it isn’t damaged and is in good condition, minus the shipping & handling costs. We are confident that this will not occur with your canoe rack, but we want you to have that peace of mind when making this purchase.

Don’t spend another year storing your canoe in poor locations. Instead, it is time to partner with Log Kayak Rack today and protect your canoe for years to come. If you are in the MN or WI areas, give us a call today at (715) 543-2006 or email to learn more about our lakeside canoe storage options.