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Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Kayaking Dad


Shopping for dad is not always easy, but if you have a dad that’s at his best when he’s on the water with a paddle in his hands, we have a few father’s day gifts ideas that are sure to float his boat. (Some quite literally.) Here’s our Father’s Day gift giving guide for dads who kayak.

The Perfect Paddle

A paddle, aside from the kayak itself, will have the biggest impact on your performance in the water. If your dad is doing more battling than paddling, maybe it’s time to upgrade his paddle. There are many options when it comes to paddles, so make sure you get the right kind of the type of kayaking your dad does.

Hand Crafted Kayak Storage Rack

Whether you dad has one kayak or an entire fleet, show your dad’s kayak some love with a sturdy hand-crafted storage system from Log Kayak Rack. Proper storage can greatly extend the life of his boat. Our hand-crafted kayak storage racks are made from beautiful norther white cedar logs and can hold anywhere from one to eight kayaks.

GPS Watch

Kayaking is all about adventure and exploration, but make sure you dad stays the course with a GPS watch. A reliable GPS watch for kayaking will put your dad at ease and allow him to navigate the waters with confidence.

Waterproof Bags

Help dad keep his valuables dry with a waterproof bag. Even for the casual kayaker having a dry bag is handy for bringing along a book, phone, snack or basic first aid kit.


Paddling gloves aren’t just for winter. Many are made specifically for summer paddling. In addition to fighting off cold, paddling gloves can offer protection from blisters, calluses, sharp rocks, the wind, and UV rays. Help your dad protect his hands with a new pair of kayaking gloves for Father’s Day.

Paddle Floats

Capsizing can happen to anyone, even the most experienced of kayakers. Give your dad, and yourself, peace of mind knowing that he is prepared if it happens to him with a paddle float. They offer additional stability and safer reentry.

Quality Time Together

Whether you take your dad on a once-in-a-lifetime epic kayaking trip around the world or you head to his favorite local kayaking spot, you can’t beat spending a day with your dad doing his very favorite thing in the whole wide.