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Kayak/Canoe Gear


Living in this day and age is a luxury. We don’t just have canoes, we have high tech canoes that come with every accessory known to man! Have you ever heard of Watershed Goforth Drybag? If you don’t have this while you are in the water then you are definitely missing out. This bag is a dry bag that has a hip belt! Scrambling for items in your bag has never been so easy! If you are near water at all in the summer months, investing in a good pair of sandals is worth every penny! Astral’s Filepe and Rosa Sandals gets phenomenal traction in and out of the water and remains incredibly light. Our point is that there is specialty gear for everything you need on the water during your adventures, but what about when you have to leave your kayak or canoe for an extended amount of time? Log Kayak Rack to the rescue!

Custom Built Kayak/Canoe Storage and Displays

When you are done with your toys, it’s important to protect them. Your small boats like canoes and kayaks need to be kept up otherwise they can be easily destroyed, along with all your fancy accessories. Log Kayak Rack offers custom built kayak/canoe storage and displays. Our racks provide an organizational component to storage, an attractive appearance, and most importantly, it can protect your small boats.

We Back Our Rack 100%

Have you checked out Immersion Research’s Devil’s Club Drysuit? This thing is the toughest drysuit ever! Nothing can penetrate it. Just like this in-water product, we can protect your small boats out of the water. Our kayak/canoe storage and displays are durably constructed with Mortise and Tenon Joinery, as well as being glued and screwed. Made out of Northern White Cedar, this rack is made to last at least 25 years in outdoor elements, even with no finishing or preservative elements. It is made to stand up to extreme environments like hot, humid summers and dry, icy winters. Made for both indoor or outdoor use, your kayak/canoe storage and displays can offer an attractive appearance to an otherwise cluttered situation. Keeping your small boats on the ground or leaning on a wall is not safe and will definitely end in you damaging your prized possession. By keeping your boat high and dry, you will keep the look and the shape of your boat intact for years to come!

So while products that you use in the water are nice to have, don’t forget about the most important product of all, your Log Kayak Rack. Protect your small boats when they are out of the water and order yours today at 1(715)543-2006 or visit us online at