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Kayak Storage Racks Everglades


Kayaking around the Everglades is a never-ending adventure. The sheer size of the Florida Everglades makes it a location that can be explored endlessly by visitors and locals alike, always offering new views, new wildlife sightings, and new water conditions for every kayaker who passes through. No matter if you’re an avid boater yourself or you run a boating business in the Everglades, ensuring that you have somewhere safe and convenient to store your kayaks and other paddle and row boats is a crucial element of boating and boating businesses. If you’re in need of a functional boat storage system that won’t sacrifice the atmosphere of your property or make boat storage more complicated, look to Log Kayak Rack for your boat rack needs. With our custom wooden boat racks, you’ll have space to store anywhere from one to eight boats and boards, perfect for the independent boater, a whole family of kayakers, or a kayak and small boat rental business catering to tourists of the Everglades.

Custom Kayak and Small Boat Storage Systems

The fact that our wooden boat racks are hand-made means that we can create custom designed boat racks that suit each of our customers’ needs perfectly. Whether you need a single-boat rack or a storage system for an entire fleet of kayaks, our boat racks are the perfect solution. Our largest boat racks hold up to approximately 150 lbs., which means that you can store canoes, kayaks, surfboards, and stand up paddle boards of every size without worrying about overexerting your storage system. We offer both wall-mounted and free-standing storage systems, making boat storage convenient and individualized for your storage needs. Our boat racks’ design will blend in perfectly in the Everglades, outfitting your home or business with a boat rack that looks like it’s carved from the very trees that surround it and adding aesthetic appeal to your property, not just a functional kayak storage system.

Boat Racks for Everglades Boating Businesses and Homes

No matter where in the Everglades you kayak, if you’re someone who spends your days exploring the Everglades Wilderness Waterway, journeying through the waters of Ten Thousand Islands, or spending time on the popular Turner River in the Big Cypress National Preserve, when you come home for the day, you’ll need somewhere to store your boats. With Log Kayak Rack, you have the option to invest in a boat storage system that’s functional and beautifully crafted, perfect for any Everglades home or business owner. If you’re looking for a boat storage system that will allow you to store your boats and boards, wash them, and lock them up without having to worry about theft or weather damage harming your boat rack, then Log Kayak Rack’s wooden boat racks are the perfect solution. Contact us today at 715-543-2006 or, and invest in a custom boat storage system for your Florida Everglades home or business.